Galanz micro steam baking machine was awarded IFA energy saving and environmental protection technol g-area meru

Galanz micro Zhengkao machine won the IFA   Award for energy saving and environmental protection technology; News – home appliances — Germany Berlin 2016IFA exhibition, the global leading brand Galanz microwave oven innovative micro Zhengkao machine won the IFA energy saving technology award. The annual German IFA exhibition is one of the world’s largest and most influential international audio-visual and consumer electronics products exhibition. The exhibition attracted global mainstream household appliance enterprises, China comprehensive leading white business Galanz to bring a full set of G+ intelligent home appliances exhibition, a new Chinese voice on the world stage, attracted the attention of global peers and the media. As the leading brand in the global microwave oven industry, Galanz for the IFA show brought a large number of microwave oven upgrading products, including the latest successful development of variable frequency micro steam baking machine became the focus of attention. With the intelligence, information technology and application of mature, no open flame, no smoke of the microwave oven is not only more healthy and energy-saving, more humane in the design, functional integration. Galanz micro Zhengkao machine revolutionary "micro steam and bake three cooking together, creatively frequency microwave and hot air convection, steam, combined microwave hot air and microwave combined steam and hot air and steam combined 6 cooking in a microwave oven fusion, more energy-efficient, more convenient, at the same time a major breakthrough in the cooking effect, maintain nutrition etc.. It is understood that the new generation of Galanz micro steam baking machine using a variable frequency microwave technology, energy efficiency of up to 64%, higher than the national standards for energy consumption level. By using the frequency conversion technology, micro Zhengkao machine realizes the automatic control of fire from strong to weak fire, not only make the food taste and color is guaranteed, can fully retain nutrition food to live, even if long time low power cooking surface or edge will not be burnt phenomenon. By adopting the integrated frequency conversion power supply board, the super heavy elements of the traditional microwave oven are replaced, and the weight of the microwave oven is greatly reduced. Galanz’s new generation of micro steam baking machine to achieve a total of 100% pure steam cooking, cavity steam temperature of up to 100 degrees. Micro Zhengkao machine in the box body design of 700mL tank, to abandon the traditional microwave oven in food containers with water or water in the inner wall of the hanging box to generate steam, the real pure steam cooking, food and nutrition and taste better. At the same time, through the hot air convection technology, a new generation of Galanz micro Zhengkao machine has gone beyond the level of professional barbecue oven, barbecue function cavity temperature up to 230 degrees, 360 degree three-dimensional heating, avoids the problem of uneven heating oven. Galanz is the microwave oven into the era of smart home appliances 3. Loading G+ system Galanz wisdom Home Furnishing micro Zhengkao machine and user voice interaction, through the mobile phone remote control, can automatically upgrade menu according to user preferences, so that consumers really want to enjoy the flavor of the wisdom of life.     note: This article belongs to published business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only. (commissioning editor Zhao Shuang and Zhuang Hongtao)相关的主题文章: