From the end of thirty billion of the Liuzhou bank Piandai case Wu Dong from the apprentice to the a

From the end of thirty billion of the Liuzhou bank Piandai case Wu Dong from the apprentice to Piandai tycoon We want circus you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Source: surging Guangxi Bank of Liuzhou chairman Luo Yuming Li Yaoqing cut the street in the city of Liuzhou City District Court, Guangxi businessman Wu Dong’s two sons Wu Hao, Wu Shizhong because of the family business loans, collusion others revenge. The Wu Dong family from the case suspected of more than 300 yuan in Liuzhou bank Piandai case has been prosecuted by Liuzhou prosecutors, the court will choose a trial in the near future. In October 29th, surging news reports had been published details of this matter. Who is Wu Dong? Surging news interview was informed that the 48 year old Wu Dong early was the acrobatic troupe apprentice, from paper mill started, gradually became involved in the business, after the Guangxi business celebrities, and become large loans to the Bank of Liuzhou. The indictment, at the request of the Wu Dong, more than the defendant responsible for the division of labor, provide a series of false documents to defraud the loan to the Bank of Liuzhou in the process of applying for loans. Wu Dong from acrobatics apprentice to business celebrities, according to the police statement to the police, she married three times, and the first wife to have five children, and the wife of the second wife have a son, the wife of the third wife of the land for the first time in the past second years. A person familiar with the experience of fellow Wu Dong recalled, Wu Dong was born in 1968, with Bobai county Wang Mao Zhen other children of farmers, after a childhood of poverty. Wu Dong was sent to learn acrobatics by his father, and then entered the Bobai acrobatic troupe, performing acrobatic performances all over the country. In the circus soon, Wu Dong entered the Bobai paper mill as the leading driver, because the mind active, gradually become the key positions of paper mill, and ultimately in charge of the factory. Related to the surging news memories, after leaving the Bobai paper mill, Wu Dong went to Guangxi Beihai, founded in Beihai Beihai new Teyao pharmaceutical company, the main business is the purchase and sale of drugs and drug store sales. Then he was in Yulin and Beihai run, founded the marine pharmaceutical group, once in Yulin, many chain stores high streets and back lanes. Around 2000, Wu Dongjin follow the blowout of the real estate industry, a large number of investment enclosure. Guangxi rural credit cooperatives related sources, Wu Dong early capital operation way is "money, money is the first regeneration", a large number of companies, and then to "overrated" land to the bank mortgage loans after the enclosure, so the cycle, get a lot of credit funds. People in Beijing and Guangxi chamber of Commerce who declined to be named, said Wu Dong to Beijing around 2006, when the Guangxi Beijing Office official arrangement, unelected became Vice President of the chamber of Commerce, chamber of Commerce in some people began to know, Wu Dong has the background. Private banks have become "ATMs" Wu Dong understated acting style, the media information about him less and less. The Beijing Guangxi chamber of Commerce official said, on the other hand, Wu Dong style bold, generous. Wu Dong began to enter the public view相关的主题文章: