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French: Buddha Bodhisattva wisdom is the illusion of sentient beings to change the image of illusion and illusion, and the illusion (source: Phoenix Buddhism) [original classic] good man! If the Bodhisattva Wujing yuanjue. In order to Jingjue heart, mind and consciousness, and the root of dust, because the illusion, which is the magic, in addition to their magic. Changes in the illusion, and open the magic. By the magic, can send light have mercy. All the Bodhisattvas, and they gradually increase. – "Yuanjue Jing" [] to explain some happy Buddhist Dharma practice, to Bodhisattva, first of the people, there is a kind of root of this repair. "Jingjue heart", he used to clean Yuanjue heart. "The perception of nature, and the root of dust, because the illusion, aware of their knowledge of the mind in six, and six, six dust awareness, all is illusion. Because the root, dust, general three, as many are from Ming and so, because the illusion. He understood the reason, "that is, the illusion, in order to eliminate the illusion", that is, from the illusion of wisdom, in order to eliminate the illusion of ignorance. To Bodhisattva, he turned up the door, in addition to all the unreal realm. This is the front of Samantabhadra asked: "if they all know your physical and mental, as well, is also built in the cloud of magic magic?" How to fix on your body and mind, the magic line? "The phantom", so he went with the root machine of all beings, change the magic of the body, "open the magic", he will go to educate the masses, said your law, discovery would like beings. "By the magic, can send light have mercy." He turned the door, a light level, called the "great light", he is from the heart of compassion to the Bodhisattva path, every day for all the hard work, by his compassion and bodhicitta. "Samantabhadra vows goods" one sentence: "due to the people, but due to the great mercy, mercy; students bodhicitta." The audience from the students bitter compassion, compassion by up to bodhicitta, preaching the interests of all beings. He would like to know everything, a wide set of All Dojo, where all the large, open road, built in the jungle. Being a monk, more or less, all close to. Not a monk, before taking refuge, in the five precepts, Bodhisattva Precepts, as illusory as the things every day. The ancients said: "open aja, Buddhist in the dreams." Like in the early Republic of China, there are a lot of good knowledge, is a virtual cloud the old monk, he went to repair the Gushan Yongquan temple, repaired left, went to the South Temple Temple liuzu Caoxi repair, repair and go, go to ZTE Cloud Gate, this is for example to us. "Big dream in Buddhist Bodhisattva", a practice crossing river, the dream also do Buddhist, don’t do this dream will not wake up! You every day of your preaching, sentient beings, degree to degree, he had interests by compassion and mercy light. (source mage solution) [introduction] "by" classical Yuanjue, Tang, Bing – Salmonella Buddha DORO translation, named "Ogata Hirodo" is the meaning of the Sutra, since the Tang, song and Ming (Yin song, teach, the prevalence of Tiantai) Zen classic assembly. The main content is to answer Shakya Muni Buddha Manjusri, Samantabhadra Bodhisattva, Bodhisattva, King Kong Pu eye Tibet Bodhisattva, Bodhisattva, Bodhisattva, the pure Hui Maitreya Bodhisattva, Wade argue sound Bodhisattva, Bodhisattva, the net karma pujue Bodhisattva, Buddha and Bodhisattva Yuanjue Yin on the first practice the Bodhisattva.相关的主题文章: