Four quarters of the market style or change fund concerned about true growth stocks – fund channel

The four quarter of the market style or change fund will focus on real growth stocks – fund channel number of fund companies recently released the four quarter of the investment strategy, in the current point in the four quarter, part of the fund investment research team believes that the market will change the traditional style or period, and underestimate the value of blue chip dividend may be a period of silence the growth of the industry on behalf of China, new economic transformation direction this year especially the poor performance of the TMT industry may usher in a rebound. The logic is that, first of all, the Fed’s dovish members issued a hawkish speech, leading to global market debt stocks fell at the same time, although the market believes that global liquidity will not significantly tightened, but on behalf of the end of the short-term liquidity easing. Secondly, the domestic ten year bond yields rebounded slightly in the near future, to benefit from the downward trend in interest rates underestimate the value of High Dividend Stocks short-term logic is damaged. In addition, due to the impact of real estate cycle, the real estate industry chain cycle varieties this year because of the beautiful performance pursued by the market, but close to the four quarter of the market of domestic real estate trend next year’s concern gradually, the real estate industry chain stock short-term earnings although good, but the stock valuation is expected to continue downward. Chinese fund also believes that the value of shares in the bond value of the property has been fully demonstrated, will further tap the depth of the real growth of listed companies. Medium and long term changes in industrial structure, institutional dividends, investment opportunities brought about by the restructuring of the industry chain. For investment opportunities in the fourth quarter, deputy general manager of China Merchants Fund Research and Development Department Cai Jianjun believes that the future of the market will increase the structural opportunities, market activity will be increased. Cai Jianjun pointed out that from the long-term perspective, should make changes in the industry money: one is the change of industry structure, many private leading industry segments in the past few years after the brutal competition in the market, has done a good capacity to melt, such as vitamins, dyes, medicine, agricultural LED chip industry this year the boom of the high prices, products continue to raise prices in many industries in the past few years to accelerate the integration, rapid increase industry concentration, so that the industry boom will continue to emerge; two is the industry of the bonus system, the domestic market has led many state-owned industries, which will provide sufficient soil to private enterprises play system the advantage, opportunity many state-owned enterprises dominated industry also has the system of future dividends. The three is the value of the industrial chain reconstruction, with the continuous development of society, especially the development of the Internet economy and the sharing of the economy, to become the center of the inevitable, many mature industries are facing the opportunity of the value chain reconstruction. For specific areas of investment, Cai Jianjun said: in the past period of time, poor growth stocks, but we still believe in the power of innovation and growth. The emerging industry is still the focus of our investment, of course, differentiation of growth stocks is an inevitable trend, especially regulatory policy tightening will be very beneficial to the true growth stocks go out, rely on the concept of speculation, the story of pseudo growth stocks will be abandoned by the market." The industry believes that, for ordinary investors, may be concerned about the good at mining growth stock fund manager in charge of the fund, they can grasp the industry segments and stocks, and try to grasp the cycle positions, such as Chinese theme selection, landscape.相关的主题文章: