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Father son money hundred Piandai   afterwards argued know — Finance — people.com.cn original title: father son after all 100 money Piandai argued know JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Shuling) father runs iron working capital deficiency, as the son of Zhao to help his father to raise funds, fictitious transactions through a Car Buying car sales company, signed a loan contract with the bank, bank loan 118 yuan. Reporters learned yesterday, Zhao was arrested on suspicion of loan fraud in Chaoyang Court trial. This year 29 year old Zhao junior high school culture, before the incident is a unit of civil servants. This time, Zhao was Chaoyang District procuratorate accused of defrauding loans. In November 2013, the funds need to be informed of father business of iron ore by Zhao Zunhua City East Shun Automobile Sales Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the East shun company) is responsible for Zhao Lidong, providing false Car Buying trading facts to the bank, and use the vehicle registration certificate, Car Buying forged invoices, in the vicinity of Chaoyang District road in Beichen, signed a "personal guarantee the loan contract with the Beijing branch of the" Ping An Bank for loans 118 yuan. It is understood that after the return of 11 yuan Zhao, no repayment. "I did not receive the money, I just signed a name in the loan contract, I did not forge a vehicle registration certificate, purchase invoices, did not use these false evidence. Zhao said, I only signed the loan contract crime." Zhao Zhao’s lawyer argued that for the Piandai behavior unaware, he recognized the 118 yuan loan, but the loan has been in place since controlled by Zhao Lidong. It is understood that in October 9, 2014, Zhao Lidong was detained on suspicion of credit card fraud, was sentenced to 5 and a half years, and in Prison Management Bureau of Hebei province Jidong branch. "Why not directly to the bank in accordance with the formal procedures for loans?" The judge asked zhao. See Zhao looked down in silence, the judge said, "if you confess, just like the truth". "Yes, looking for a bank, the loan does not come down," Zhao said that his father’s iron ore needs money, the family only have their own formal work, my father to find me a loan, I signed the loan procedures". Court, Chaoyang District procuratorate read the testimony of witnesses and Zhao confession, and proposed to defraud the loan and sentenced to 6 months imprisonment Zhao Mouyou to 9 months. The case was not in court for sentencing. (commissioning editor Zhu Chuange and Xia Xiaolun)相关的主题文章: