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"Fast attack" at Comiket exposure notice Reaves alone – "fast attack" Sohu entertainment exposure "under siege" version of Keanu Reaves poster caught hanging by a moment [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news by Chad Stahl and directed by Heskey, the Hollywood star Keanu Reaves, actor Coleman, British black the strength of the actor Ian – Mike Sean, "the matrix" series of black actor Laurence fish Bourne, the popular drama "lost" actor Lance Reddick and actress Bridget Muna, "women’s prison" popular star Ruby – Los starred in the action thriller blockbuster "fast attack" to debut in October 8th New York Expo, the participate in the creative media Q & A, and published the "embattled" version of the poster and trailer. Keanu Reaves poster exposure under siege, tensions triggered at any moment; aesthetic air trailer strong, speed shooting drama thrills. "Fast attack" hardcore action film heavyweight as Keanu – Reaves to return to Hollywood after the exciting.     Keanu Reaves – the mysterious world of signs of danger appearing everywhere caught hanging a moment in the exposure of the poster, Keanu – Reaves, his face cut caught, dozens of killer to grab around. The killers have been at the head of Reaves, as if the next second will trigger scene triggered at any moment. Reaves deadpanned, eyes cold in camouflage killer middle, dressed, do not see the slightest panic. The poster view angle, use large black tone, create a hanging, a life-and-death matter a moment of tension, many killers hide in the dark, dark, my enemy indicates against heavy odds in Ming dynasty. From this "under siege" version of altitude can be seen in the Keanu – Reaves will experience a great disparity in strength of the battle. Alone make risks to the "lone hero Hongmen" to a hundred enemy can escape from the trailer full of art Rome, accompanied by a symphony, opened the prelude to the battle of life and death. Keanu – Reaves in the tailor’s tailor tailored suit, as if to participate in a feast. Then suddenly speed up the rhythm of the action scenes, dizzying speed, shooting, melee, sincere to the meat. The wolves with killers, menacing, Keanu Reaves is still threatened by growing crises calm and a "Wan Fumo enemy" yong. The end of the trailer, Reaves in the crowd surging banquet suddenly drew a scene of chaos. The banquet is gorgeous clothing longtanhuxue, seemingly calm Rome City murderous four volts. "Hardcore action" as the action fast attack strength of star studded, unique aesthetic flavor in smooth and clean, sincere to the meat of the action scenes, strength and art are full of surprise. The film produced by Lionsgate, on February 10, 2017 release in North america.相关的主题文章: