Fang Xinghai futures market welcome speculators but speculators can not be capricious

Fang Xinghai: welcome to the futures market speculators but speculators can not be self willed vice chairman of the Commission Fang Xinghai. Oriental IC data on the morning of September 9th, by the Zhengzhou commodity exchange and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange hosted the 2016 China (Zhengzhou) International Futures Forum opened in Henan, Zhengzhou. Commission Vice Chairman Fang Xinghai attended the opening ceremony of the forum and delivered a speech. Fang Xinghai pointed out that the current economic development is the main feature of the new normal, in this context, the futures industry should vigorously develop the service side of the supply side reform, the national economy to serve better. "At the end of the G20 summit, countries have formed a consensus," he said. The international economy since 2008 after the financial crisis, has experienced a long time of low growth, all countries implement a strong stimulus, whether monetary or fiscal policy, but now the consensus is to enter the next stage of growth, stimulating alone is not enough, must return to structural reforms. The futures market is the direction of opening, standardizing and serving the real economy." To make the futures industry in accordance with the expected direction, Fang Xinghai pointed out that the need to promote the construction of the futures market from four aspects. First, to enhance the function of the futures market, the role of personnel, and constantly improve the level of service to the real economy. Fang Xinghai pointed out that the futures industry is closely related to the real economy. The consumer can provide guidance for the related industries, and provide guidance to help enterprises carry out commodity pricing, hedging, survival of the fittest by the supply side, in the upgrading of the industrial transformation, and played a unique and irreplaceable role. Therefore, the Commission will adhere to the direction of internationalization, legal reform, and actively play a role in the service of the real economy, and gradually form a futures price as the core, the international influence of the futures pricing system. Second, steadily promote product innovation, better serve the real economy. At present, the risk management needs of all walks of life and the degree of refinement are on the rise, do fine on the basis of China will be listed more futures products." Fang Xinghai said. He disclosed that the future of soybean meal, white sugar options products is expected to launch, commodity index futures research and development and listing work is also advancing. At the same time, the Commission will actively promote the construction of crude oil commodity market, and steadily expand the insurance + futures mode of work, continue to explore the futures market to serve the work of agriculture and rural areas. Fang Xinghai reminded that the current futures industry services are still far from enough. He said: there are a lot of products are missing. For example, pork meat consumption in Chinese is the largest, but the futures market there is no pork products futures, makes our country often appear "pig cycle", a huge risk to the industry to bring. We also need to realize that if the ability of serving the real economy can not be improved, the futures market will face severe competition at home and abroad. Foreign futures market in a variety of ways to attract our Chinese investors in the past, there are many institutions eager to enter the Chinese market……. If we do not improve our ability, we will lose our market." Third, continue to implement the principle of Liu Shiyu, according to the rule of law, comprehensive supervision, industry regulation, the concept of a comprehensive upgrade. Since 2016, the domestic commodity futures market;相关的主题文章: