Exercise Equipment-is It A Necessity-tinyos

Exercise My friend turned me on to watching infomercials on certain TV stations in the evening and all the programs I have seen are about exercise equipment of every kind. Some of those machines have you standing on your head, some evening hanging upside down; others look like the poor fellow is being stretched on the torture rack pretending he is having fun, other channels are also promoting things like machines, treadmills, the elliptical machines and a lot of others. The message they are broadcasting to the viewer is "yes you can get that beautiful figure back ladies;" and yes man you can have six pack abs and bulging muscles in a matter of days. It is all very appealing because we as human beings are endowed universally with a sense of vanity aren’t we? TV .mercials are enough, we also had gyms galore with very seductive names, in every mall, arcade, plaza and shopping center. And what takes center stage? Aching bodies in sweats wall-to-wall on treadmills, the ellipticals and every kind of machine imaginable. Where there is a wall there is a machine; where there is a machine there is a body and where there’s a body there is every shape imaginable. With all the shtick and flippancy of some of my remarks, we must now assume a more serious posture and focus on whether or not these gyms and their exercise equipment are the way to go for those of us determined to get and keep in shape. Are we really just being duped; do we really need them, and can they really do the job? Actually, my answer might surprise you. We are not necessarily being duped; no, we don’t really need all the exercise machines; but because studies show that most of us won’t exercise without the machines, it makes sense to use them to get and keep in shape. Picture this, if you will: you have decided you don’t need machines, so you are taking your five-mile run but after that first mile the TV gets mighty heavy and you still have to turn around and carry it home. You see, if you stayed home, you could be on your treadmill and watch your favorite TV program as well. We’ve talked about gyms with machines and home machines -which is best for you? Do you use your workout time to socialize, to be with friends and to lunch later? Many people do that to their advantage. Many, like myself, prefer keeping our activities separate, choosing to concentrate on one thing at a time – like exercising in the gym and socializing at a favorite restaurant, place of worship or entertainment center. I finally realized that it takes more time than one thanks to exercise at a gym, therefore I choose to exercise at home. Yes, exercise equipment is expensive, but I’m willing to cut back elsewhere and buy the machines that will serve my purpose. I like what they do for my body and for my well-being. It’s really a matter of individual preference. Whichever you prefer, the home or the gym, professional trainers encourage you to consult a professional to plan your program, or to research and map out your own plan for the safest and most effective results. Usually the instructions with your exercise equipment have a suggested plan of action. So all you "hefty, hearty and happies" start pumpin’, stretchin’, pedalin’, and crunchin’ and join ranks with the trim, fit and slim. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: