Europa in the summer window information Jutland star Van Der Vaart introduction winpm

Europa: in the summer window to introduce intelligence Jutland star Van Der Vaart on Thursday 011       Europa       Osman P. VS in Jutland       2016-08-26 02:00       team status: Osman is the Turkey sports super league upstart, the team last season as the championship, the rushed to the League fifth done in one vigorous effort, hoping to further this season. While in Europa qualifying, they have eliminated the Chisinau bison and Nor Haikal Jo, and in the first round of the league team and the Antalya sports a draw away. Is this game starting lineup: Karcemarskas Pinto Prohaska Kuru J Sue Faure Yessar Vecchi Ndiaye Webb Sai Lika Ibang Delage is the ancient Jutland card Gilan Danish league teams last season, finishing third in the league, and to participate in the Europa League qualifying. The team from the first round of qualifying play, has eliminated soudois, Vaduz and Vedin Orton. The team signed the Holland midfielder Van Der Vaart in the summer transfer market, hoping that the Holland star will bring vitality and creativity to the midfield. The new season of the Super League in 2 Dan, Jutland wins 3 flat 2 negative, in the fifth row of the table. Is this game starting lineup: Anderson Hansen Novak Romo Banga de Paulsen Vaart Hanssens Boleyn Pusic Kadlec Venue: the game will be in the home court of Ankara Osman sports stadium, is expected to match day temperature of 20 degrees, the weather is fine. The two sides clash of history records: a week before the first leg, Osman sports with each other in a 1:0 victory over Jutland Oolong gift. Recommendation: Shengping Fu Sheng @1.80 first round home court losing in Jutland the game wants to comeback, they must attack out, but the team’s recent poor state, the tournament has five matches, but lost 10 balls, the game although midfielder Paulson ban expires regression, but the team in the physical and state are inferior. The team only advantage is the experience of the last six seasons, five times into the Europa league match, but in the face of poor performance in the first home court Osman sports, so it is difficult to expect them to have a good play on the road. The Gambling company of the game hemisphere high water opening, water level by injection decreased slightly, the compensate is generally less than 1.95, the main victory. (AHA)相关的主题文章: