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Business Economically, El Salvador is ranked third in Central America, after Costa Rica and Panama. The economic growth had been around 4% or more in the recent years. Inflation had also remained low, ranging between 3% and 5%. The official language is Spanish, though English, French, and German are also taught in schools as other languages. The major deterrent for foreign investors in El Salvador real estate for sale and El Salvador rentals had been the high gang-related crime and murder rates, augmented by significant juvenile delinquency. However, the government had been taking drastic steps to reduce the crime rates, which had declined in the past few years to a certain amount. In spite of the above negative crime factor, the tourism sector of El Salvador had been growing rapidly in this decade. The beaches and the exciting nightlife of El Salvador are the major attractions for international visitors to that country. Surfing is also gaining in popularity, along with visits to volcanoes in El Salvador. This has resulted in higher activity in El Salvador real estate listings. International real estate investors could make profitable investments in El Salvador real estate market, if they use due diligence in selecting the properties and inspecting them personally. Whether they are vacation homes, urban homes and condos, commercial spaces, beach front properties, or interior farm lands, the investments in El Salvador real estate for sale or El Salvador rentals are a good business proposition. The choices of real estate investments available to international real estate investors in El Salvador range from selective properties in bustling cities and leisurely coastal towns to vast tracts of lands in the countryside. The real estate in El Salvador witnessed a boom from 2000 onwards until the middle of 2008, fueled by the foreign remittances by El Salvador citizens employed in the United States and elsewhere. However, the real estate market development had been drastically affected by the recession in the US and other major countries. This had brought down the real estate prices substantially, making it the right time for international real estate investors to buy properties at bargain prices in El Salvador. The efforts of the El Salvador government to provide low-cost mortgages had led to a boom in construction activities in major cities and coastal regions. Property prices range from $15,000 for vacant lots in remote areas, while luxury villas in San Miguel cost more than $250,000. A vacant lot of more than 2,000 sq. m. and possessing a good view in high lands could be bought for $500,000 or more, depending on the location and the size of the lot. These prices are definitely lower than the real estate prices in Panama or Costa Rica. Since these prices are beyond the reach of majority of El Salvador citizens, foreign investors could look for profitable deals in El Salvador real estate investments. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: