Durex parent company Reckitt burst was forced to lay off money in China for 20 years cibi

Durex parent company Reckitt explosion forced layoffs in China is not profitable for 20 years in China is not profitable for 20 years Durex parent company Reckitt explosion forced layoffs [Beijing time] financial reporter Wang Zeling recently, Beijing Times reporter received a staff broke the news that Durex parent company Reckitt (China) for China business long-term losses, is preparing to Reckitt sales company sales department and sales department under the Manlun merger, and massive layoffs, the specific number of layoffs is currently undetermined, company staff said that the staff of the layoffs involve more than 500 reckitts. This time, Beijing interviewed reckitts (Chinese), said Reckitt, the company recently announced a business integration intention, will’s health care category line sales business integration to Reckitt’s joint venture in Shanghai (Shanghai Manlun trading company), companies are now actively communicate with employees will the staff will adjust to the staff based on other information is not convenient to disclose. Combined with China’s sales layoffs 500 people most of the time when the foreign companies are not familiar with, but their home products, people will see almost in the supermarket. Reckitt Chinese in well-known brands on the market, including Durex, Veet, Shuang Jian, Dettol hand, dish, Yuejia, slow Yan Shu Ning etc.. (map) Durex in a network marketing in Beijing rain especially friends for having heard it many times of the Durex brand, because the product attributes and the relationships between men and women, particularly prone to the topic, through the marketing case repeatedly by users familiar with the classic. In fact, Li Jie is the world’s leading household cleaning supplies company, listed on the London Stock Exchange in the top 25 companies, one of the top 500 Forbes. Headquartered in the UK, the company has offices in 60 countries around the world, and its products are sold in more than and 100 countries. However, such a market value of $62 billion 400 million in 2015, a net profit of $2 billion 400 million of the day of the giant enterprises in the Chinese market is actually a loss. The source told reporters that the company is about downsizing to a conference call, layoffs due to the reasons given by the company are: Reckitt Foundation (RB base) annual loss, now the company decided to merge the sales company RB base sales department and Reckitt’s Manlun sales department. Keep Manlun sales team, and according to the appropriate reserve RB base staff vacancies, but does not guarantee the position and salary. (before this reckitts (Chinese) sales department is responsible for the sales, Veet, Qili, Dettol hand clean, bright dish, will flutter, lotus and other products, Manlun sales of Durex product line and sales Reckitt’s all brand electric parts.) Beijing time reporter to another when employees seek fame Jie confirmed, the staff confirmed the above statement, and now we wait for the specific content of go-slow company jobs and compensation scheme. He said that now the specific layoff plan has not come out, not to say the number of layoffs, the company is in the collection of employees for the company to provide job opportunities to consider whether the overall information, the layoffs affected people involved more than and 500 people. In addition, there is a time when fame and fortune相关的主题文章: