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Eleven new play: Farewell discount   farewell E-commerce — home — original title: eleven new play: Farewell to cheap discount farewell e-commerce people also bid farewell to a "double eleven" behind the "chop hand family Carnival and record volume, from the electricity supplier to businesses with Taobao the owner in the" no ", everyone has his own plan". As a "double eleven" "founder", but in this year, Alibaba bid farewell to e-commerce, many businesses are experiencing a "tired" after thinking about the future. Eighth years of "double eleven", staged not only once again online shopping spree, as well as people have been changed by the Internet to explore the future of the retail industry and anxiety. In November 11, 2016 24, Eighth "final turnover figures fixed double 11 shopping Carnival in 120 billion 748 million 589 thousand and 125 yuan, again to refresh the highest single day turnover of retail record in human history, the Alibaba and the whole Chinese and all over the world and the sellers" cut the hand "together to create a miracle. From 50 million yuan to more than $120 billion, 8 years, double the volume of transactions increased by about 2400 times the amount of $eleven. In November 11th this year, this day, from around 235 countries and regions, nearly 600 million of consumers in this field from the Alibaba, from China global carnival, wireless terminal transactions accounted for more than 81.87%, produced a total of 657 million logistics package. However, for this year’s "double eleven", the Alibaba did not seem to only pay attention to the amount of digital, because Ma Yun has a new dream: to open a new era of retail". Although it is the advent of the era of e-commerce Empire Alibaba created a miracle today, but Ma believes that now need to say farewell to the era, because the electronic commerce will soon be eliminated, it will be a "new retail era", and this year’s "double eleven" is undoubtedly the best way to preview. Bid farewell to the low price double eleven at 24 on November 11th, double the sales figures were finally fixed, as president of the glory of the phone Zhao Mingye finally breathed a sigh of relief. Glory in the double eleven total sales of over 2 billion 200 million yuan a day (Jingdong + Tmall), an increase of over 40%, is this year’s double Android mobile phone sales champion, more than second yuan more than. Mobile phone is undoubtedly the year of "double eleven" category is one of the most intense fighting, and this year Zhao Ming gave his "difficult", because the beginning from November 10th 23:30, glory began to background data combined with the media broadcast throughout the glory of "double eleven" mobile phone sales. This is "big bet", also opened a mobile phone ring first, because of the live data is tantamount to "naked", not only a single brush, which will also result in public naked display. This year, the glory of advocacy for consumers to create a ‘history of the most goods double eleven’, not only rely on low-cost route to win." Zhao Ming told the "China Economic Weekly" reporter, discount is not enough to ignite the passion of consumer shopping, the price is no longer the only factor affecting online shopping,相关的主题文章: