Do snowball Hawthorn need to master a trick, hawthorn will be sweet and not greasy – Sohu eat and dr tinyos

Make a snowball haw just have a knack of Hawthorn will be sweet but not greasy food and drink – Sohu I think everyone has a bunch of Hawthorn sugar, hawthorn love, must be derived from the red string Tomatoes on sticks in the memory of childhood…… The autumn season, the red hawthorn fruit bunches in the street, far from looking like a small red lanterns, is very lovely. But, in the trance blankly watching, shouting adults to buy, get the joy and satisfaction are full of brilliant face. Childhood love also snowball the Hawthorn sweet and sour taste, are still in the aftertaste, so there is the idea of yourself. The fresh Hawthorn washed with water, dry control of water, and then use the knife out of hawthorn kernel. Put the pot on the cooker, add a little water (water can not add oh), with slow fire boil, add sugar to sugar, difficult to dissolve rock sugar to melt and then add white sugar. To stir with a shovel melted candy with a shovel to stir well, otherwise it may be sugar paste in the pan, affect the taste and color). Such as boiling sugar dissolves, then the pot is very small bubbles, this time carrying students to knock knock, knock on the blackboard, blackboard blackboard!! Attention oh. The trick is here. This time pour half a tablespoon of white vinegar, white vinegar oh remember. (white vinegar juice can make rapid crystallization, also can neutralize the sugar sweetness) then need to immediately turn off the heat, and the shovel keeps fast stir stir until the juice was coated uniformly on the surface of hawthorn, the next step, we still need to continue stirring, stirring time GO ~ buddies need a little patient: Oh, try to mix, such as juice all stick to Hawthorn when pour a teaspoon of vinegar, carrying my warm tip: this will be more white sugar Oh, but be careful not to put. Hawthorn ball cool taste better oh. And do the clean health, ages. Well. Photo is not beautiful, because to do the sugar ball is still taking pictures, sugar wrapped enough uniform, but the taste is not bad oh. Eat a little buddy can do more, stay cool into the food bag in the fridge at leisure, leisure package and storage, a delicious food. It was very delicious.相关的主题文章: