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Good habits let BB eat a good body [Abstract] from the start since the baby milk, nutrition long road, breastfeeding baby "eat" began to 4-6 months, and began to add complementary. How to feed the baby’s health is of vital importance to the body. Hungry to feed the mother to wait for the baby to have a clear message after the baby can feed. The baby is not hungry feeding, easy to let the baby resentment, if the baby is not hungry is fed, for a long time, the baby will certainly appear such as indigestion and other symptoms of indigestion, and even affect the development of the baby’s growth. The amount of milk to ensure lactation times up to newborn babies every day dozens of times. 4-6 months baby, before feeding, total daily feeding should be maintained at 800-900 ml. 1 years old baby daily feeding frequency is about 2-3 times, the total amount should be maintained at 500-600 ml. And more than 2 years of age, children should still insist on eating milk every morning and evening, each time 200 ml. When the baby can guarantee the dinner with mom and Dad together with the meal, but also to ensure the dinner time and food. The baby’s daily meal time should be the law, at least to ensure that two meals a day staple food, or even three meals. The meal should include rice, flour, vegetables and fish. Do not eat dinner when the food, feeding the baby to other small snacks, resulting in the baby can not eat or eat dinner, the body absorbs a lot of nutrients, thereby affecting the development of the body. Let the baby eat independently and slowly learn to eat, not only exercise the baby’s gums development, and cultivate children’s independence. Family members should create opportunities for children to touch their own food, slowly teach them how to chew, swallow, do not move to feed the baby, but to let them enjoy their fun to eat. [Abstract] the milk, the baby began to enter the long road of nutrition, breastfeeding baby "eat" began to 4-6 months, and began to add complementary. How to feed the baby’s health is of vital importance to the body. Count the outdated concept is not even in the breast feeding time let the baby to take milk, some baby may not buy it, all refused to let new parents at a loss, some parents give up directly: the children do not drink milk even, do not force. The parents don’t come because the baby does not eat dairy and stop, look for reasons for it: it is not love this style baby pacifier, or nipple, mother still lingering discomfort by bottle feeding, or baby recent physical discomfort, or because of other food to eat more, eat less milk. Also, there may be no love this baby milk powder. The baby with milk instead of food in 4-6 months began to add complementary, but this does not mean that the baby would support the food supplement. Remember: the mother before the age of 1 baby’s primary source of nutrition and food or milk, just extra nutrition. 4-6 months baby is trying to eat the cooking stage, the earliest start Rice noodles is to add teaspoon, one or two teaspoon a day can be, but is very rare Rice noodles red rice paste. 6-8 months baby is learning to eat food to the baby stage.相关的主题文章: