Creating A Contemporary Asian Style Decor With Bamboo Flooring-sexinse

Interior-Decorating Bamboo flooring has be.e a very popular building material due to its natural beauty, hardness, and resistance to water. It is also a much most sustainable option than wood floors because bamboo grows so much quicker and can be harvested in an environmentally friendly way. When you are decorating a room with bamboo flooring, you might want to create a stylish contemporary Asian look to the decor. Drawing on the ancient beautiful of oriental art and design can really help you to create a tranquil and elegant space in your home and highlight your bamboo flooring. If you are interested in creating this hip and modern version of ancient Asian style, here are some design tips: When it .es to wall colour, go for a pale and neutral colour which will be calming and will create a blank canvas for the other elements of your style. Bamboo flooring looks great with oriental or Indian style patterned area rugs. You might also consider bamboo mats if you are trying to create a Japanese style. Dont be afraid to be playful and creative with the design. You can add in some different elements or bright colours to spice it up and make it original! To bring some natural elements into your decor and really capture the oriental style, you can include some actual bamboo plants in your design. Bamboo plants are easy to maintain and they will give a very relaxing atmosphere like you are in a jungle! Remove as much clutter as possible. One of the major elements of Asian design is simplicity. A cluttered room full of furniture will ruin the impression that you are trying to create. You will want to go for clean lines, open and airy space, and simple elements. Remember, less is more! Add Asian-influences artwork, such as elegant framed Chinese calligraphy or a Japanese woodblock print. When you are framing these pieces you can choose a wood frame which matches the bamboo flooring or you can go with a simple black frame. Use natural materials throughout your design for a classic look, such as stone, wood and ceramics. Opulent fabrics such as silk will look very luxurious and stylish within your Asian-themed decor. Perhaps some silk throw pillows or a wall hanging might be just right! If you go traveling in an Asian country, bring home souvenirs with you such as figurines, paintings, blankets, and other items of decor. These unique pieces will not only add to the style of your room but they will also bring back memories of your travels. These are just a few ways that you can create a beautiful Asian style design in your own home. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: