Crack down on fake news Google news to join the fact investigation label bleep

The fight against fake news: Google news to join the "facts" label Sina Technology – Beijing morning news on October 14th, Google joined the "facts" label in the Google news service in this week. Google news aggregated the news content of a number of news sources, the previous group label includes "comment", "local source" and "popular reference" and so on. In the future, the reader will see the "fact finding" tag. Google said that the recent investigation of the fact that the site is on the rise, which is one of the reasons for the new label Google news. Using predefined source tags, content creators can add their own "fact investigation" tags. Schema’s ClaimReview will be used to edit and manage the factual background news. Schema tags for structured data on the internet. The group received Google’s sponsorship, but also by Microsoft, YAHOO and Yandex support. In addition to the user support page, Google said that if the news is not properly labeled as factual investigation, then the company has the right to intervene. (Zhang Fan)相关的主题文章: