Cost is king recent popularity value selection of domestic mobile phone remonstrate

Cost is king recent popularity value selection of domestic mobile phone temperatures in August will soon be over, the students will enter a new semester, a new term for the new equipment, I believe the majority of students desire, especially mobile phone, more students and friends to contact friends, entertainment, chasing girls, looking for work necessary paraphernalia essential. So when you buy the Sina mobile phone can not be careless, I will introduce several recent popular mobile phone value, hope to provide reference and help for your purchase. TCL TCL held a new conference in Beijing, Huairou, and the official launch of the new machine TCL 750. The release of TCL 750 to "like life" as the theme, with pale blue, dark blue and joacim three kinds of body color, the structure frame of the double 2.5D glass panel with metal, is a 5.2 inches screen, accounting for 77.2% of the screen. At the same time, the thickness of the fuselage is maintained at 6.95mm, creating an excellent handle. TCL 750 usher in the autumn special surprise, early activity, now buy TCL 750 mobile phone only 1599 yuan, the price straight down 400 yuan, also receive hundreds of users can purchase package users, including the original mobile phone sets, self timer lever, headset and other practical gifts. Click on the picture to see the details of TCL 750 TCL 750 using 5.2 inches 1080P JDI display with double 2.5D glass radian exquisite hand holding, warm and comfortable, appearance is more beautiful and fashionable. TCL 750 built a Helio P10 processor, with 3GB RAM+32GB ROM, the capability to run multiple daemon. The other hand, TCL 750 using the post fingerprint module, and supports fingerprint self-learning and Alipay WeChat payment security and file encryption utility function, network, dual card dual standby full Netcom network, support 4G+, to meet the needs of users. Click on the picture to see the details of TCL 750 TCL 750 is also commendable in the camera, the machine uses 8 million pixel front camera +1600 megapixel main camera Samsung, and built 33 sets of Pose beauty model, in accordance with the instructions you can easily shoot beautiful masterpiece. With professional shooting mode, F 2 aperture and PDAF phase focus, focus faster, so that users do not miss every wonderful moment. 8 million pixel camera support Shuangbai beauty, global video beauty, and is equipped with pre flash lights, make the skin ruddy, show your own beautiful moment. TCL 750 reference price: 1599 yuan ZTE ZTE (4 fresh small parameter quote forum software) ZTE to target user location in the small fresh college students entering the workplace and 4 young people, it’s very fit "small fresh" (the name of the little meat). Small fresh 4 metal fuselage equipped with fingerprint recognition, support dual sim dual standby full Netcom 4G. For young people with limited income, the price of 1090 yuan as a transitional machine is still good. Point element相关的主题文章: