Commission established the establishment of the rule of law in the capital market seven tasks – Chin yuanjiao

The commission established the capital market law seven tasks – Beijing, Beijing, October 14, according to the SFC website news, recently, the Commission issued "on the implementation of" the rule of law government construction implementation program (2015-2020) "executive opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), clearly put forward the reform adhere to the direction of the rule of law, capital market, in accordance with the law, strict and comprehensive supervision, to 2020 basically completed the basic system of solid, perfect rule system of securities and futures regulatory legal system, culture and build a high-quality and professional supervision of law enforcement personnel, law enforcement strict, standardized, fair and civilized, efficient and legitimate rights and interests of investors get full protection. "Opinions" established the construction of the rule of law in the capital market, seven tasks. (a) fully perform its regulatory duties according to law. "Opinions" put forward, to continue to deepen the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, vigorously promote the power list, a list of responsibilities, the negative list system and the implementation of dynamic management, to further improve the market supervision, strengthen market supervision system, strengthen supervision, improve the effectiveness of market regulation. (two) improve the system of supervision according to law. "Opinions" put forward, to strengthen key areas of legislation, optimize the legislation system, mechanism innovation, adhere to the democratic principle of legislation, strengthen the supervision and management of normative documents, the establishment of regulations and normative documents cleaning mechanism. (three) promote the democratization of administrative decision-making, scientific and legal. "Opinions" put forward, should conscientiously implement democratic centralism, to strengthen the decision-making on major issues of the authority, the content and process of the legal review, strengthen legal counsel construction, speeding up the capital market for construction. (four) adhere to strict norms and civilized and efficient law enforcement. "Opinions" put forward, to actively promote the formulation and revision of relevant laws, rich means of law enforcement, increase penalties and improve the convergence mechanism of administrative law enforcement and criminal justice, improve restricted type check trial separation mechanism, explore the use of non mandatory means of enforcing the law. (five) to strengthen the restriction and supervision of administrative power. "Opinions" put forward, we must adhere to the system steward tube, highlighting the focus of supervision, establish and improve the normalization of accountability mechanisms, modify and improve the work of the withdrawal, public avoidance system. (six) improve the diversified dispute resolution mechanism. "Opinions" put forward, to further play an important role in administrative reconsideration, establishing and perfecting the administrative mediation system, promote the optimization and improvement of the securities and futures of civil litigation system, steadily promote the administrative reconciliation work, to further standardize the Xianhengpeifu system, explore the system of. (seven) building a contingent of high-quality legal professionals. "Opinions" put forward to perfect the staff of the Commission to study and apply laws system, further improve the administrative law enforcement personnel certification system, to further strengthen public lawyers. In addition, the Opinions also put forward the requirements of the organization and implementation of the mechanism of protection. All along, the Commission attaches great importance to the construction of the rule of law in the capital market. With the introduction of the implementation of the opinions, the Commission will continue to take effective measures to continuously improve the capital market legal system, improve enforcement.相关的主题文章: