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Comments received: commodities Pudie Zheng Mianhu Ni fell hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Sina Internet financial futures account safe, convenient and fast approval is illustrated Sina Financial News News August 25th, commodity trading fell almost across the board, violent black diving, iron ore, coke intraday fell more than 5%, chemical and non-ferrous metals fell, weak agricultural products do not change, once formed, panic selling, commodity index fell 2%. After bottoming out. Afternoon black killed a huimaqiang, coke, coking coal, iron ore, hot rolled thread, have bottomed out close with a long lower shadow K line, or even a strong reversal of power coal closed positive, the market is change constantly. Meal in the afternoon a strong move, led commodity cotton, after a month of consolidation after the high giant Yin sell, the market outlook is worrying. Overnight crude oil inventories unexpectedly increased oil prices fell, gold, silver, copper and soybeans have plunged into the market, strong bearish sentiment, the domestic commodity pressure plummeted in early trading today. As of the close, cotton fell 4.21%, Shanghai nickel fell 3.30%, asphalt fell 2.52%, iron ore fell 2.96%, asphalt rubber fell 2.52%, down 2.46%, vegetable oil fell 1.82%, Shanghai silver fell 1.78%, coke fell 1.77%, PP, coking coal, copper, soybean and other thread, fell more than 1%. Rose, rapeseed rose 0.91%, methanol rose 0.71%, coal rose 0.24%. Li Xinchuang, vice president of the iron and Steel Industry Association, said steel production decline may be less than expected. The next three months will yield a significant decline; if steel consumption and production will decline, so the iron ore demand will decrease. Originally expected to yield 3% this year, but from this year’s situation, the decline may be less than expected, but the downward trend remains unchanged. Iron ore should be in a downward trend, rather than an upward trend. Dong Yueying: overcapacity in the domestic coal market has not significantly changed Chinese Coal Industry Association Dong Yueying said that the current total coal demand does not increase, the first 7 months of the national coal consumption still fell 4%, coal prices have rebounded, mainly because the national capacity to control production, coal production fell more than demand. But the recent rapid rise in coal prices are also affected by seasonal factors, the high temperature in late July nationwide due to the sharp increase in coal consumption, other local floods also affected the transport of coal. With the expected electricity load late fall, summer in some areas of coal supply tight situation will become more stable, the price rise will gradually after the recovery into a relatively stable stage. The excess supply of iron ore demand downturn in bull market is coming to an end this Tuesday, Citigroup said iron ore is one of the most popular commodities this year, but the iron ore investment boom may soon be cool. With the supply theory相关的主题文章: