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Colorful Malta, the Mediterranean Sea sapphire Sohu – tourism in the Mediterranean, there is such a country, although only a tiny bit of land, has 7000 years of historical sites, many magnificent churches, the vast expanse of the blue Mediterranean coastline, the world famous natural harbor, the vast pastoral scenery, this is Malta. If you do not look carefully, it is difficult to find the map of the country on the world map. It is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, near the southern Italy island of Sicily, is a very small, only 316 square kilometers of land area, even as Beijing and Haidian District, but an hour drive from south to north. But is such a state, every street it, every corner, like oil paintings; every stop, every time looking back, every look, will gain an unexpected scenery. You can even spend half a day, sitting in the corner coffee shop, see the Mediterranean Pumianerlai People are hurrying to and fro., enjoy the warm. Three sister city by Senglea (also known as L-Isla), Vittoriosa (also known as Birgu) and Cospicua (also known as Bormla) composed of three cities, was an important defense line during the reign of the knights. They are the original habitat in Malta after the withdrawal of the Saint John knights from Rhodes island. Blue hole is located in the southwest of the main island of the town of Zurrieq, is a natural formation of water caves. Point under the blue sea, crystal clear, beautiful, but also a good place for diving enthusiasts. Generally speaking, the best time to visit the blue hole is from morning to afternoon. City Garden Garden and chin La Valletta Baraka garden. Low altitude garden is mainly Rome chin La style marble temple. The more famous the Baraka garden is located in the port (G r a n dHarbour), a free City Elevator (Barrakka Lift) connected to two. It’s a great place to watch the three sisters. It is one of the Catholic Church in Valletta Cathedral of St. John the Divine Cathedral in Malta, is the landmark of valletta. It was built from 1573 to 1578 by the Knights of Malta, and was awarded the same position as Medina’s Cathedral in early nineteenth Century. From the outside, the wall of yellow soil was not conspicuous, but the interior use of a large number of magnificent baroque style, including cross carved stone wall, depicting the vault and the side altars in Saint John life scene. These are from the hands of the knight prati. The church is also known as one of the most beautiful churches in europe. A large group of chief Malta language as il-Palazz, founded in 1571, was once a Grandmaster of the Knights of Malta palace. Malta has changed hands several times, but it has been a center of power. It was the governor’s house during the British occupation, now the seat of the president of Malta and the seat of parliament. The old city has many steep Mint Street Valletta, Old Mint is one of the most distinctive one, even has been printed on a postcard. Here is the blue window Gozo itinerary"相关的主题文章: