China Youth Daily corrupt, robbing the rich do not rob the poor, but the risk is considered-yezimei

Chinese Youth Daily: corrupt "robbing the rich do not just consider the risk of robbing the poor" – Beijing, both "robbing the rich robbing the poor", or "robbing the rich not robbing the poor", is a kind of means, not to spend money to buy peace of mind "is an attempt to confuse the public. The so-called "robbing the rich does not rob the poor", to a large extent, is a risk. Listen to the corrupt repentance, is tantamount to listen to a dialogue, some people know it. Last year, Guangdong Chaozhou City Commission for Discipline Inspection to investigate the Chaozhou city Xiangqiao District Deputy Secretary, mayor Chen Peng serious violation case. During the disciplinary review, Chen Peng wrote the 10 confession, the repeated poor money can not close, the boss money a little more "no money is" robbing the rich not be beneath the human character "robbing the poor" and other words, and always believe that their nature is not bad". (the "Guangzhou daily" September 12th) the reality is always better than this wonderful drama, already for corrupt officials once again proved by repentance. Chen Peng called "robbing the rich not robbing the poor, and some corrupt tears about your tears is the" farmer’s son ", its purpose is to break the law in Mongolia a fig leaf, to organizations and public sympathy and pity for himself, trying to reduce crime. Careful not difficult to find, in the accident officials, that their nature is not bad, not a few. Although many corrupt officials in prison, but still thinks he is different from the ordinary criminals. In their view, their high level of education, how much or a little quality; for the country and the people work for many years, how much or little contribution. In many cases, the performance of some corrupt officials read, even a little ridiculous. Not only is "robbing the rich not robbing the poor, corrupt officials in the dictionary we have seen" Robin hood". The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department website has published an article by the former deputy director of the Committee of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region high dicoria cases recorded warning. There are so many words, "just took leadership positions, strong high dicoria or a sense of self-discipline. For some developers to send cash, shopping cards, or directly refused to her, or on the delivery unit, or in the face of developers, in the name of the developer directly donated to schools, welfare homes." In addition, there are corrupt officials reluctant to use the money, frugal; there are some corrupt officials, very strict requirements on their children, often ask their children. This shows that corrupt officials are not "Facebook". The so-called "robbing the rich does not rob the poor", to a large extent, is a risk. In reality, some corrupt officials although very greedy, but for some "money" never charged, even publicly rejected. So, on one hand they think that since to take similar risks, and collect money, not collect money; on the other hand, they need some props to reject the penny to provide them with a protection. Compared with the "robbing the rich", "robbing the poor" can receive only a little money". Some officials used to see the "big money", where they care about these "money"? But in their subconscious, rich rich, do not care to send out the money, to help them work, the rich have the bulk of their head, "take back a bit is not what". But poor people differ in their money相关的主题文章: