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China Nvping entered the Chengdu panda base team called for the protection of national treasure Beijing yesterday, Chengdu closed training Chinese Nvping came to Chengdu research base of giant panda breeding, the initiative for the protection of giant pandas, and live donations. The day before the team competition is very intense, yesterday morning just adjusted, Guoping took the opportunity to came to Chengdu panda base, the initiative for the protection of giant pandas. Into the giant panda base, Nvping girls excited, for many players, this is the first time to see real panda. The staff at the base gave a detailed account of the knowledge of the giant panda and some of the measures taken to protect the giant panda. In the event, China Nvping also conducted on-site donations, all national team coaches and athletes have a positive response, finally through on-site inventory, a total of research funds to the giant panda breeding donated 12000 yuan. Li Xiaoxia yesterday as Nvping representatives presented a proposal to protect giant pandas. Li Xiaoxia due to health reasons before the training system is not enough, but after coming to Chengdu has been completely restored to normal, open class is absent on the day before the day when the train accidentally hit his hand, has been completely restored. Li Xiaoxia said in an interview: "Chinese table tennis team has a very deep feelings with Chengdu City, so we established a table tennis training base here. In recent years, our achievements can not do without the concern and support from all walks of life in Sichuan and Chengdu. This time we came to the giant panda base, hoping to use our meager strength to arouse and appeal to all circles of society to pay close attention to the lovely giant panda." Newspaper reporter Chen Hao

中国女乒走进成都大熊猫基地 国手呼吁保护国宝 -中新网   昨日,正在成都进行封闭训练中国女乒来到成都大熊猫繁育研究基地,为保护国宝大熊猫发起倡议,并且现场捐款。   前天队内比赛非常激烈,昨日上午正好进行调整,国乒就趁机来到成都大熊猫基地,为保护可爱的大熊猫发起倡议。走进大熊猫基地,女乒的姑娘们就兴奋起来,对于很多队员来说,这还是第一次见到真正的大熊猫。基地的工作人员详细地给大家讲述了大熊猫的知识,以及目前对于保护大熊猫所采取的一些措施。在活动现场,中国女乒还进行了现场捐款,所有国家队的教练员和运动员都积极响应,最后经过现场清点,一共向大熊猫繁育研究基金捐款12000元。   李晓霞昨天作为女乒代表宣读了保护大熊猫的倡议书。李晓霞之前由于身体原因训练不够系统,但来到成都之后已经完全恢复正常,那天缺席公开课主要是前一天训练时不小心碰伤了手,目前已经完全恢复。李晓霞在接受采访时表示:“中国乒乓球队与成都市有着非常深厚的感情,因此我们在这里建立了乒乓球训练基地。近几年我们所取得的成绩离不开四川省、成都市各界人士的关心和支持。这次我们来到大熊猫基地,就是希望用我们微薄的力量,唤起和呼吁社会各界共同关注可爱的大熊猫。”本报记者 陈浩相关的主题文章: