Central enterprises will be divided into three categories of public welfare assessment of the centra xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

The central enterprises will be divided into three categories of assessment of public enterprises assessment product quality – Beijing, Beijing, September 26, according to the SASAC website news, the day before the SASAC, the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "on improving the implementation function of central enterprises classification assessment". "Implementation plan", clearly the responsibility of different types of state-owned enterprises, in accordance with the functions and business characteristics of the enterprise to determine the differentiated assessment oriented and content. In accordance with the "implementation plan", the central enterprises will be divided into three categories: assessment of the implementation of the main business in the central enterprises fully competitive industries and fields, to enhance the vitality of the state economy, the state capital zoom function, increase the value of state-owned capital oriented, focus on examination of the economic efficiency of enterprises, capital returns and market competition ability, guide enterprises to improve the operational efficiency of capital, enhance the level of value creation. The main industry in relation to national security, national economic lifelines of the important industries and key areas, mainly responsible for the major special mission of commercial central enterprises, to support the sustainable development of enterprises and service national strategy oriented, while ensuring the rational return and increasing the value of state-owned capital, strengthen the service national strategy and the protection of national security and the operation of the national economy, the development of forward-looking strategic industries and major projects completed the assessment task. The public central enterprises, to support enterprises to better protect people’s livelihood, social services, to provide public products and service oriented, adhere to the social benefits in the first place, focusing on assessment of quality of products and services, cost control, operational efficiency and security capabilities. Is more in line with the strategic positioning of central enterprises and the requirements of economic and social development, to further improve the enterprise function classification evaluation system, promote the evaluation more standardized and transparent, explore the establishment of special items inventory management system, the enterprise will bear the results of operations have a significant impact on the special items included in the list of management, as the evaluation index is determined and it is an important reference for approval the. With the business management list and functional classification, according to the scope and content of corporate matters, from the protection of national security, the provision of public services, the development of an important forward-looking strategic industries, the implementation of the "going out" strategy and other aspects of the project made specific expression. "Implementation plan" defined to fulfill the responsibilities of investor institutions responsible for the appointment of the company for the year and the term assessment, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the central enterprises responsible for the central management on deepening the reform of the remuneration system and relevant opinions "issued on the" central enterprise leadership and leadership comprehensive evaluation procedures "notice" according to the assessment results of punishment, person in charge of the enterprise. In addition, the "implementation plan" clearly requires the central institutions perform the function of reference to establish and perfect the supervision of the responsible performance evaluation methods, and puts forward the requirements of the central enterprises to strengthen the classification assessment of affiliated enterprises.相关的主题文章: