CCTV exposure Tmall’s power supply of these models do not buy melia kreiling

CCTV exposure: Tmall power supply of these models do not buy a lot of people pay attention to the DIY motherboard, graphics cards and other devices, but a good computer power supply is to ensure the steady operation of the computer foundation. Beijing City Consumers Association released the online shopping computer power comparison test results. 4 groups of samples including a power supply, there are security risks, while overclocking 3 and other 2 products virtual power. According to reports, the comparison test sample, by the staff of the Beijing Municipal Association to general consumers from the network channels were purchased, involving 22 brands of 8 well-known network platform consists of 30 groups of computer power supply samples, basically include the current mainstream brand computer power industry, and samples for each brand of the highest selling product specifications there are 15 groups, expressed by the United States "80 PLUS" certification. After testing, there are 5 groups of unqualified samples in these 30 groups. Among them, the "overclocking 3" type CPS-PS650-S6 power supply not only virtual power, there is a security risk. In the detection of the same security risks as well as the Patriot G6 (Gold Edition), including the other 3 groups of samples. The brand as "STW" there is the problem of virtual standard power. Daily economic news reporter noted that this power purchased from the Patriot Tmall, nominal through the United States, 80 PLUS certification. However, with the other 3 sets of power supply in the ground and connecting protection measures, and the power grid connection of these two projects, there are not consistent with the national standards of the structure. Follow the cord substandard electrical leakage fire caused by the reporter learned that the national standard requirements for equipment with rated current less than 10A in the external power line length of not more than 2m, should use the cross-sectional area of at least 0.75mm2 cords. The cross-sectional area of the power cord of the 4 groups in the sample are not up to the standard minimum requirements. The Beijing Municipal Association official said that the computer power cord cross-sectional area is too small, when in use will cause the power line in the long-term working current exceeds its capacity state, will generate too much heat, resulting in insulation layer of hot melt, power line damage, and the exposed conductive part of the power line caused by leakage, even is a fire risk, the property and consumer’s threat to personal safety. Network with the Beijing City Association official said that the comparison test results show that the power performance of the samples with "80 PLUS" certification is not necessarily better than non certified samples. In addition, the individual express certified samples, the conversion efficiency is not up to the level of certification requirements, which may be due to the certification of the use of voltage and the 220V voltage is inconsistent.相关的主题文章: