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Capital "embarrassment" ah! Bear children always play chicken? Sohu maternal milf have found a home boy playing "chicken chicken" habit? Such as "one hand toys, on the one hand, most of the chicken chicken" when mom will simply stop, then laugh, some elderly or relatives feel very fun. However, if I grew up with age, the day found the baby still did not get rid of the habit, even when eating play chicken chicken, there will be such a move, in public places, then estimate somewhat panic mother, facing other people’s vision and shame and "what should I do? Does the baby precocious puberty?" Many mothers find their children playing chicken, will feel that the baby is not precocious puberty. In fact, this idea is wrong, the young baby playing "chicken chicken" and adults "masturbation is completely different! So, let alone sex". So why is that? Exploring your body is an important part of your baby’s growth. Because the baby is growing up, self-awareness is constantly strengthened. Therefore, to understand their own desire is also increasing. Coupled with the ability to control their little hands to strengthen the previous favorite hand, foot, belly button has been unable to meet their needs. So, in a curious baby, they will consciously and unconsciously touch their chicken chicken". It’s just a toy when it’s boring. Most of them play chicken chicken for no reason at all, just because it’s there. When the baby wants something to play in his hand, he will first touch the chicken. Because the hand can touch, slowly developed a habit. Usually because of boring play chicken chicken behavior will only exist in the short term, with the rich content of life, will slowly disappear. Induced by external "pick balls" to his uncle many adults to amuse the baby to play, love to catch the baby "chicken chicken", and even some parents think the boy is our pride, to encourage the baby to play "chicken chicken". For a long time the baby will think that this can be like the big people like, they will take the initiative to expose the chicken to please people’s favor. In the face of this unbearable behavior of children, how should we guide in order to help children survive? 1, avoid scold, force for children, this is a necessary stage, is the body of their a curiosity and exploration, is a part of increase their cognitive ability, but not unbearable, destructive to the morals things, like Eve and Adam did not eat the forbidden fruit state. If we follow the idea of adult children, blame, severely restrained, will let the children feel afraid, do not know what is wrong, or children to suppress their desire to explore; or the child will become aggravated, resistance to touch, and then developed into a habit, these are not conducive to the development of their children. 2, the girl and her mother to play more, the boy and his father to play this period, is the formation of children’s gender awareness period, he will look at the appearance of mom and Dad, looking for their gender role models. If, see相关的主题文章: