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Cameron announced to quit politics without a clear statement – Sohu decide on what path to follow the news of former British Prime Minister David? Cameron 12, announced his resignation as conservative member of the post, the reason is not in the hope that their speech to Parliament the new prime minister Teresa may cause interference?. Cameron has resigned from the prime minister and Senator positions in nearly three months, which means that he has withdrawn from politics. Cameron was born in October 1966, was first elected Conservative Party member in 2010, served as British Prime Minister in 2001, becoming the youngest prime minister in nearly 200 years. Britain in June this year, the removal of Europe, the results of the referendum was announced, support stay in Europe, Cameron announced his resignation as prime minister. Talking about the reasons for resignation, Cameron said that the decision was made because they do not want to interfere with the work of the new government. "According to my view of modern politics, in the context of my resignation as prime minister, the former prime minister is almost impossible to become a member of the rear seat. In my opinion, when the new government is serving the country, everything I do will be a mess, "said Cameron. Cameron also expressed support for the new prime minister, Teresa. Talking about his future, Cameron did not give a clear statement. Some of Cameron’s friends think that Cameron could follow the former Prime Minister John? No, in the enterprise name paid or play a role in international affairs. (this column (Zhang Jing) according to Xinhua News Agency)相关的主题文章: