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Software The data breach incidents that enterprises face can be broadly classified into three namely * Data breaches as a result of .puter system failures * Data breaches as a result of malicious acts by employees or third parties (hacking) * Data breaches as a result of employee mistakes or negligence Of these, breaches due to employee mistakes or negligence are a real headache for enterprises. As per Ponemon Institute and Symantecs 2011 Cost of a Data Breach: United States, in 2011, negligence accounted for 39 percent of reported breaches. And employee negligence is a serious concern for all enterprises because a single slip-up is enough to tarnish an enterprises hard-earned name and reputation. Besides, the enterprise has to face financial loss, loss of customer trust and decline in shareholder value. The cyber criminals carry out sophisticated and refined Phishing attacks that are hard to identify and avoid. Since the phishers make use of social engineering tactics, many employees fall easy prey to it. Though the acts of the employees are not intentional, these mistakes lead to the disclosure of sensitive data to malicious outsiders. And the enterprises fail to control it as most of the available products and services actually address the "process and technology" aspect of security, while only few solutions adequately address ‘people risk’. Hence, what enterprises require is an effective anti phishing software that protects employees from phishing victims and creates a prioritized action plan to alleviate possible threats. The anti Phishing software assists .anizations in evaluating the readiness of employees against Phishing and social engineering attacks. With this software, enterprises can carry out a simulated Phishing attack or a more targeted spear Phishing attack. The result is an instant behavioral analysis that leverages a "teaching moment" and the creation of a prioritized action plan to reduce possible threats due to such attacks in the future. The following are some of its features. * Helps understand user behavior and effectiveness of the People controls across the enterprise * Assists .anizations quantify the potential risks of social engineering * Provides flexible reporting capabilities with integration back into the .anization’s key performance indicator framework * Provides a roadmap for building security awareness and training within the .anization * Identifies weakness within People, Process and Technology links, allowing prioritization of remediation efforts through effective benchmarking and maturity analysis * Generates a Teaching Moment that provides a safe, customized learning experience for users resulting in increased employee awareness and knowledge that helps protect the sensitive information entrusted to them Thus anti phishing software helps enterprises to build the first line of defense by increasing an employee’s awareness to phishing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: