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Beijing car prices of new energy vehicles, wrestling car — original title: Beijing car prices of new energy vehicles, the future wrestling car exhibition shows the internal structure of new energy vehicles. Newspaper reporter Deng Wei photo reporter Dong Yuhan a variety of brand sold electric vehicles: electric vehicle chassis from sweeping dismantling, mini electric car as if from the future of the world, and electric cars, electric buses, electric car logistics…… Yesterday, the 2016 energy-saving and new energy vehicles exhibition opened at the National Convention Center, Beijing Automotive Group, Huatai Automobile, BYD automobile, JAC, beans and other more than and 40 brands of 100 models of unlisted and newly listed models exhibitors. The exhibition lasts 4 days and lasts until the end of 16 days. 55 pure electric vehicle sales in Beijing this year’s indicators have been used up, have to wait for next year, but in advance to consult." Citizen Ms. Hao lived in Fengtai, want to buy an electric car as a means of transport, she at 6 yesterday morning departure from home to the exhibition. The reporter learned from the show, at the end of August this year, Beijing new electric car 37 thousand and 300, more than the level of the year 2015, a total of 73 thousand cars; a total of 16 enterprises 55 pure electric passenger car sales in Beijing for the record. 30 a variety of popular models for a test drive in recent years, the independent innovation technology of new energy vehicles, increasing production and sales booming, rapidly expanding market holdings. In the strong support of the relevant policies, a number of car companies in Beijing to invest in the construction of new energy vehicles. The BAIC group unveiled 6 new energy vehicles, pure electric vehicles were ARCFOX-1, EH400, EU260, EV160, EU220 and Foton development intelligence blue F3 pure electric mini bus. Headquartered in Beijing, Huatai Automobile also carrying two new energy vehicles exhibition, respectively SUV XEV260 and iEV230 sedan, which Huatai new energy XEV260 is the first pure electric SUV models, the largest comprehensive operating mileage of 266 kilometers, fast charge 1 hours can be filled to 80% capacity. As of the end of last month, Beiqi new energy this year has accumulated sales of 30162 units, total sales reached 57383 vehicles. BAIC will gradually raise the energy-saving and new energy vehicles, the proportion of sales, in 2020 accounted for more than 30%. "13th Five-Year" period will increase the resources of key technologies such as batteries and motors and investment; gradually achieve full line of new energy. "Huatai new energy is expected to be launched around the electronic SUV 4WD dual-mode structure, plug-in hybrid cars and new energy vehicles and other logistics models, to meet the diverse needs of users." Huatai Automobile relevant responsible person said that since 2009, the company will take the lead in the development of new energy vehicles. Has overcome a number of technical difficulties, to develop independent technology EIC excellent performance, to overcome the extreme environment of fast charging and long battery life and other core technology. The exhibition will be held during the test drive, Car Buying activities, including new energy Beiqi EU)相关的主题文章: