Beast riding was announced by the Bureau of 150 million shared bicycle sharing – Sohu Technology dingxiangwuyuetian

Riding beast won the 150 million financing into the bureau announced shared bicycle Sohu technology Sohu science and technology news, sharing travel momentum is hot recently, smart sports riding riding beast brand also announced the launch of Bluegogo into the shared bicycle field, blue bicycle. At present, you can search the official website of Bluegogo, display, please look forward to, iPhone Android client has been able to download. According to reports, the beast riding announced a total of 150 million yuan B round of financing. Riding beast have a certain accumulation and users in the smart table and bicycle, the official also said that the bluegogo share in the bicycle itself, the user experience and adequate protection will be the most important intelligent networking module on a bicycle. It is not difficult to see from the name bluegogo, and products are completely standard v-mobile and ofo, beast CEO Li Gang also said: "we want to build a platform for the user, a variety of experience than it is now filled with orange car a little better bike." Full of gunpowder. It is reported that the blue bicycle will be settled in a city with half a month of rhythm, from the southern city to start the layout. Shenzhen will be the first landing city. (Luo Yuan)相关的主题文章: