Bathing A Big Dog-7 Steps To Giving A Big Dog A

UnCategorized Giving a big dog a bath can be a real challenge regardless of whether your dog enjoys being bathed or not. Always use shampoo that is specifically made for dogs, and consult with your veterinarian about frequency of baths. Once you’ve gotten the go ahead from your vet, use these 7 steps to help bath time go smoothly, and be a good time for both you and your dog. Prepare-Gather all the things you’ll need first. A rubber mat with suction-cup bottom big enough for you and your dog to stand on, shampoo, towel, and leave-on cream should be put in the bathroom or wherever you plan to work. Tub showers seem to work best, and those with a hose that connect from the shower head allow you to put the water when and where you need it with dead on accuracy, keeping the dog wet and you drier. Get Your Dog in Position-If your dog loves baths, call him to the bathroom. If your pooch dreads this ritual, go get him rather than call him, lead him gently into the bathroom and close the door. You always want your dog to .e to you because good things happen when he does. (Calling him to do something he doesn’t like may make him not want to .e, and that’s never a good thing.) Straddle your dog without putting any pressure on him at all. Make your arms work like a grapple just behind his front legs and get his front legs into the tub (bend your knees). Do the same for the back legs and you have one dog in the tub. Follow That Dog-Having tried to bathe from both inside and outside the tub, inside definitely works best. So get in. Close the curtain, and it’s great if you have a plastic one that will keep all the water in. Adjust the Water Temperature-You can experiment with which works best-doing this before or after you get your dog in. For dogs that are skittish about the whole thing, getting them in first is a big advantage as running water seems to make those who are less than enthusiastic from the start even more unwilling. Make the water lukewarm rather than icy cold for both your sakes. Bathe-If you are bathing your dog because of skin issues or allergies, you will probably need to lather him and leave the shampoo on for 10 minutes or so. If baths are for cleanliness only, use shampoo as directed by your veterinarian. Towel While Still in the Tub-After you’ve rinsed for the final time, squeegee your dog’s legs and tail to remove excess water, then use the towel to absorb even more water. When you let him out, be prepared for several big shakes, and I don’t mean of the hand. Having used the towel before letting him out of the tub will lessen the deluge of water that will inevitably .e after the bath. Finish with a Treat-For dogs who are not in love with being bathed, this may make the ordeal bearable, and at some point they may even learn to tolerate the bath better because of the treat they know is waiting for them at the end. Being as consistent as possible with your procedure, frequency, and reward will yield the best results for giving your big dog a bath. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: