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The baby cried down how to do – Sohu with the birth of the baby mother, mom and dad will encounter such a situation when take care of the baby, the baby when the baby is quiet and happy laugh, once the baby on the bed, the baby will cry suddenly open mode. Exactly why the baby would be so sensitive? Put down a baby cry, how to do? What did the doctor say to taiwan. Why did the baby cry baby down 1 cannot do without the embrace of mother and child safe attachment about the baby before birth to be surrounded by warm water for 10 months, in the narrow womb stay especially a sense of security, this feeling is perhaps the human sense of security Siwon. So when the baby came to a very open place, without anything squeezing, little darling will have no sense of security. This is also the birth of a newborn need to wrap with a towel, so as not to be scared. When the baby is not easy to fall asleep in the warm embrace of her mother, you quietly loosened arms down bed (although you have very soft), feel like falling from height, not catch any object, can not see anything, palpitation, feeling of fear for several months of the baby, like a giant and the endless abyss! 2 baby calcium deficiency will not sleep easily awakened baby calcium deficiency, can cause brain excitability and autonomic nerve enhancement, causes the baby in a mental state of excitement, irritability, difficulty sleeping, or sleep, easily awakened. At the same time, calcium will also lead to increased sympathetic tone, sweat secretion, sleep constantly sweating, affect the baby’s sleep quality. The baby cried down how to do a lot of mom and dad in the baby will cry know down, basically will use continue holding the baby to sleep, until Bao Baozhen entered a deep sleep, it can be put down. But, mom and dad know, holding too many children will let the baby to the adult’s embrace of excessive dependence. That let the baby to sleep in a relatively small space, such as a cradle, baby car, can also be arranged around the bed in a small bed, curtain, cushion material around. We should also pay attention to your sleep environment, such as fixed bed, let the baby to sleep using fixed bedding, fixed listen to music etc.. Reminder: "a baby cry down about how", Beijing Treasure Island maternity hospital doctor is introduced to here, if you have any questions in the process of reading the words, can at any time on issues related to the guests call 24 hours hotline 400-6100-120相关的主题文章: