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B information: the success rate of 81.1% the highest league ball lens Monday 002         B     VS     Ajaccio Langsi;   2016-11-08; 03:30         Venue: lens, Felix Chandler Rees stadium Boral weather: rain 4 degrees Celsius, longs: round on the lens in the road 2 to 1 victory over the Brest leader, ended six consecutive unbeaten record in Brest. This is a big surprise for rance, Fortin Aganovich and Lopez respectively penetration has contributed a goal, while Bostock had 1 assists. This victory not only stopped Brest’s progress, also let the lens integral rose to 21 points, ranking rose to sixth. Has been able to win on the road, the absolute lens has its own brushes, and is connected with the transfer lens killer. The lens’s passing success rate of 81.1%, is the highest in the league, and a game with Brest, Langsi pass success rate than the leader of 11 percentage points higher, which is one of the factors to ensure victory. Ajaccio: in the last round of the competition, Ajaccio was in the home court of Waterloo. In the face of the League ranked team Laval, Ajaccio had a significantly underestimate the enemy mood. In each other after just ten minutes from the goal, a goal for Aya, which makes Aya completely quiet. But Aya as his enemy paid a heavy price, the other is not only tied the score, was opening the second half after scoring two goals against super. The other team shot 15 times, and Aya only has 4. After falling behind, Aya began to make a lot of fouls, the second half of the 4 players received a yellow card. Two negative even let Aya’s ranking dropped to fourteenth place, the score is still 15 points. Game Analysis: recently in the six round, Lance made 4 wins 1 flat 1 negative, including home court 2 wins 1 flat home court, scoring 7 goals and conceding 3 goals. Aya scored 2 wins and 1 draws and 3 losses, including the road away from the negative, scored 0 goals away, lost 3 goals in the game. Two of the last two seasons of four meetings, Langsi achieved 2 wins and 2 record, the strength of a slight advantage. The Europe refers to the given 1.75 of his index, have very strong confidence in the lens. This field can be found a single stroke, score 1,2. Prediction: lens lineup (4-3-3): dusai, Hafez, Fortin Aganovich, Du Varney, Che Lara, Brie Jill, Bostock, library, Zubier, outelal, Lopez Ajaccio (4-2-3-1): Mandanda, Pierre, Charlie, Keki, Lippi, Jeffrey Cisse, Bo, Abel Gil, Cavalli Palmer, Nouri, and Jiakepa Ma Azu (farim)相关的主题文章: