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The ninth oil price or years stranded many will enjoy the festival Five oil – Fujian channel

Oil prices or the ninth stranded   in the year; more land festival will enjoy "country five" oil – Fujian Channel – People’s original title: oil prices or ninth stranded in the year after the festival will enjoy "country five" oil today, the domestic refined oil price adjustment window once again opened. A number of institutions predict that the domestic oil price or ninth stranded in the year. However, analysts believe that the eleven holiday, the majority of owners can still enjoy the welfare of low oil prices. Since the current round of price adjustment cycle, around the impact of the United States crude oil inventory reduction and OPEC frozen production agreement, the international crude oil futures prices fluctuated widely. 28, the New York Mercantile Exchange in November delivery of light crude oil futures closed at 47.05 U.S. dollars per barrel, or 5.33%. London’s crude oil futures in November closed at $48.69 a barrel, or 5.92%. According to media reports, OPEC member countries have reached a reduction agreement on 28, the number of Member States will be decided at the OPEC meeting in November. That information, WWW, Longzhong JOYOU and many other organizations, the news to promote the 28 international oil prices rose. With the current measurement range, the corresponding price adjustment will shrink to 50 yuan per ton, the domestic oil price 30 days stranded probability is very large. International crude oil price trend chart in 2016. Source JOYOU information on the last round of price adjustment window (September 18th), the domestic gasoline and diesel prices were reduced by 155 yuan and 150 yuan per ton. Adjusted to 8990 gasoline 0.11 yuan per liter; 9293 gasoline 0.12 yuan per liter; 97 gasoline 0.13 yuan per liter; 0 diesel 0.13 yuan per lift. International crude oil price trend chart in 12016 years. Source JOYOU information on the last round of price adjustment window (September 18th), the domestic gasoline and diesel prices were reduced by 155 yuan and 150 yuan per ton. Adjusted to 8990 gasoline 0.11 yuan per liter; 9293 gasoline 0.12 yuan per liter; 97 gasoline 0.13 yuan per liter; 0 diesel 0.13 yuan per lift. Longzhong information oil analyst Li Yan believes that even if the current round of price adjustment aground, eleven holiday owners still enjoy the benefits of low oil prices. The current weakness in the domestic supply of oil resources, excess consumption, gas station has been competing for promotions, some private gas station preferential has reached 0.4-1.2 yuan or so, and the oil’s part of the gas station is also limited preferential measures. Www oil analyst Wang Neng said, the owners are still happy after the National Day "". Since October, many countries will gradually replace "country five" oil products; and in accordance with past practice, at least replacement period, the high standard oil retail price will not make adjustments. At that time, in addition to the eastern eleven provinces and Shaanxi have implemented the "country five" standard areas, most of the country will be "country four" oil price enjoy "country five" oil products. Data figure: Zhang Yun photo 1 data map: Zhang Yun since 2016, the domestic refined oil price adjustment has shown "six up, four down, eight stranded" pattern. Oil price adjustment 8 times stranded 油价或年内第9次搁浅 多地节后将享“国五”油–福建频道–人民网 原标题:油价或年内第9次搁浅 多地节后将享“国五”油    今日,国内成品油调价窗口再次开启。多家机构预测,国内油价或出现年内第九次搁浅。不过分析师认为,十一长假广大车主仍能享受到低油价的福利。    本轮调价周期以来,围绕美国原油库存降低及欧佩克冻产协议的影响,国际原油期货价格宽幅震荡。28日,纽约商品交易所11月交货的轻质原油期货收于每桶47.05美元,涨幅为5.33%。11月交货的伦敦布伦特原油期货收于每桶48.69美元,涨幅5.92%。    据媒体报道,欧佩克成员国28日已达成一项减产协议,各成员国减产数量将在11月的欧佩克正式会议上决定。    隆众资讯、卓创资讯、中宇资讯等多家机构认为,这一消息推动了国际油价28日的大涨。    以当前测算幅度来看,对应调价幅度将收缩至50元 吨之内,国内油价30日搁浅的概率非常大。 2016年国际原油价格走势图。来源 中宇资讯 上一轮调价窗口(9月18日),国内汽、柴油价格每吨分别下调了155元和150元。调折合89 90号汽油每升降0.11元;92 93号汽油每升降0.12元;97号汽油每升降0.13元;0号柴油每升降0.13元。1    2016年国际原油价格走势图。来源 中宇资讯 上一轮调价窗口(9月18日),国内汽、柴油价格每吨分别下调了155元和150元。调折合89 90号汽油每升降0.11元;92 93号汽油每升降0.12元;97号汽油每升降0.13元;0号柴油每升降0.13元。    隆众资讯油品分析师李彦认为,即便本轮调价搁浅,十一长假广大车主仍能享受到低油价的福利。    目前国内成品油资源供应过剩、终端消费疲软,加油站一直在竞相优惠促销,部分民营加油站的优惠力度已达0.4-1.2元 升左右,且部分中石油旗下的加油站也有限时优惠措施。    卓创资讯成品油分析师王能表示,车主们国庆过后仍有“喜事”。10月份起,多地将陆续置换“国五”油品;且按照以往惯例,至少置换期间,高标准油品零售价将不做调整。到时,除东部十一省份及陕西等已经实施“国五”标准的地区外,全国大部分地区将以“国四”油价享受“国五”油品。资料图:张云 摄1 资料图:张云 摄    2016年以来,国内成品油调价已呈现“六涨四跌八搁浅”的格局。成品油调价8次搁浅中2次正常搁浅,6次因地板价新政而不作调整;6次上调,共计上调汽油价格985元 吨,柴油价格955元 吨,折合约0.7-0.8元 升;4次下调,共计下调汽油价格670元 吨,柴油价格650元 吨,折合约0.5-0.6元 升。    国内油价下一轮调价窗口将于10月19日24时开启。    卓创资讯原油分析师李烨预计,由于冻产预期在11月底的欧佩克年会前会继续为原油市场背书,这会对油价形成一个托底。国际油价或冲高回落,然后再度维持震荡局面,但整体水平会较目前小幅上涨。(记者 程春雨) (责编:陈蓝燕、张子剑)相关的主题文章:

Male pregnancy Knowledge Q – maternal Sohu

Male pregnancy Knowledge Q – Sohu maternal doctor Hello, I’m Mr. Wang, 31 years old this year, often entertaining, long-term drinking and smoking on male pregnancy has what effect? How to reduce the impact on pregnancy? Mr. Wang Hello, long-term drinking and smoking will affect sperm activity, easy to cause male infertility. If you want to get pregnant, at least 3 months in advance to six months to quit smoking wine ready for pregnancy. Doctor: Hello, my name is Li, 28 years old this year, I heard her number will reduce pregnancy during the "energy", with high quality baby, to do this? Hello, there is some truth in general, abstinence 3-5 days semen quality optimal, normal couples with 1-2 times a week, during the preparation pregnant woman, according to her ovulation period, easy to form a good egg. Hello, I am Mr. Chen, 25 years old this year, love cycling, I heard that the male during pregnancy can not ride a bike, is this true? Mr. Chen: Hello, long time sitting on the bicycle seat hard may lead to reduced sperm, sperm activity decreased, affect fertility; if you want to ride, try a little short time, wear loose clothes, choose soft cushion. Hello doctor, I am 27 years old, Mr. Liang, usually the body is weak, easy to catch a cold have a fever, what is the effect on the preparation of pregnancy? Hello Mr Liang, one of the key reasons is the influence of the temperature of sperm. Cold fever may cause the local temperature is too high, thus affecting the quality of spermatogenesis. Hello doctor, I am Mr. Ho, 29 years old, during pregnancy, how to carry out diet conditioning, which food will have adverse effects? Hello Mr. Ho, prepared during pregnancy do not eclipse is good, eat more fish, beef and mutton; eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, etc.. Hello, doctor, I am Mr. Zhou, 30 years old, plans to prepare for pregnancy, generally have to do what inspection? Mr. Zhou Hello, you need to do a lot of checks or I have to give you a list of ~!相关的主题文章:

SLI csgo finals under the line of the Chinese team situation is grim

SLi CSGO offline finals team Chinese packet grim long-awaited SL i-League stars League line final last battle, the 16 top teams gathered in Ukraine Kiev, will be held during September 7-11 to a top CSGO visual feast. Just yesterday, we are very concerned about the situation of the group has been hot baked, carrying the expectations of the domestic fans of the two Chinese teams will face a very serious challenge. A group: NIP, HellRaisers, GODSENT, Dignitas in the finals, A group is a pure European Group, the four teams are from the European teams. Among them, in accordance with the paper strength, NIP and GODSENT after the reorganization is the world’s top ten teams, the biggest hope of qualifying. HellRaisers and Dignitas do not underestimate the strength of the horse, in the frequent CSGO game, everything is possible. Group B: G2, MVP, the most remarkable FaZe, FlipSid3 in B group is undoubtedly the G2 team has just one handsome gun, in this version of the burst after strengthening with the performance of shox headshot brother very exciting. The MVP team as a promotion from China district team, their performance is representing the second rate team with the world’s top team gap, also be of concern to the people. While the other two teams FaZe and FlipSid3 is undoubtedly ranked the world’s top 20 teams. Group C: Navi, Tyloo, Astralis, Heroic most of our attention to group C! At the SL i-League finals, China the strongest, the most popular Tyloo team will play against top teams Navi in their opening game, this will be the second time they played since the MLG Malmo station! Huang melon in DH masters with ACE out of TYLOO Tyloo team and powerful teams in the world seems still very good, the last to the DH masters is the series of LG, Liquid, Navi in other European teams, finally fell in the Navi gun. Until now, GuadiaN on the Mirage with a shot AWP five kill out of the scene of the Tyloo is still a long time can not forget. Today, they once again met the old rival Navi, Heroic (former TeamX). They can go beyond self – a shame before the snow? This is really very much looking forward to D group: EnVyUs, Cloud9, VP, VG.Cyberzen another Chinese team VG.Cyberzen settled in the D group. As China’s brother VG.Cyberzen, in their home has many fans, also eagerly wait for bearing China Cser. In this group stage, they will face a very strong enemy. Whether it is on the ESL Pro League big glory of the Cloud9 team, or former SL I League champion VP team with the traditional giants EnVyUs clan!相关的主题文章:

Guizhou tourism scenic spot price regulation standard price tag – Beijing

Guizhou tourism scenic spot price regulation standard price tag – Beijing, Beijing, September 26 Guiyang Xinhua (reporter Liu Peng) 26 reporters in Guizhou province to regulate the tourism scenic spot price tag special action teleconference was informed that the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Tourism Commission and the Department of public security, Industrial and Commercial Bureau, such as food and Drug Administration many departments, now the major tourist attractions in the province to carry out 7 month specification scenic spot price tag special action. In recent years, many national scenic spots frequently exposed "super fish" and "price of shrimp", "super Kang" tourism consumption "astronomical" events, as well as spectators cheat passengers off the asking price, price fraud and other travel chaos, a serious impact on the tourism market order and the development of the tourism industry. "Develop the tourist attractions price tag special action, is to strengthen the tourism market price supervision, investigation, eliminate the price contradiction of potential danger, maintain the important measures of tourism market price order and boost Guizhou tourism growth spurt." Deputy director of Guizhou provincial development and Reform Commission Xu Yuanzhi said that the special action will also further strengthen the tourism market price regulation, price behavior tourism operators, improve the scenic spot price tag price publicity rate and quality, enhance the price information transparency, purification tourism market price environment, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of tourists. It is understood that the special action of the main opening in Guizhou province within the various tourist scenic spots, the focus is the implementation of government pricing or guidance, both inside and outside the province affected 3A and above the scenic areas, scenic spots, tourist car prices, parking price publicity charges, in the scenic area and the surrounding areas directly to the tourism service the hotel, catering, travel agencies, tourist shopping goods and services price tag specification. According to statistics, in the first half of 2016, Guizhou received 257 million tourists at home and abroad, an increase of 39.2%, total tourism income of $224 billion 135 million, an increase of 41.1%. (end)相关的主题文章:

Man and brother open room after ask do you have HIV Brother! sexinse

Man and brother open room after ask: do you have HIV? Brother! Men pass AI cases from 5% in 2007 to 31.1% last year, experts warn must not try to "sell" Tanbi "rot" "bestie" "lily" BL ""…… Behind these as "argot" like difficult words, most people may not realize that the "same sex" especially "behind the male", has been a huge latent risk of HIV transmission? The provincial CDC AIDS Prevention Institute released data show that as of the end of October 2015, Guangdong was nearly 60 thousand new cases of HIV infection, which is spread by 31.1% msm. December 1st is the twenty-ninth World AIDS Day, the relevant person in charge of AIDS prevention work in Guangdong, the proportion is still rising this year. Experts warned that the "same sex" and "risk men" for the spread of AIDS is huge, must not be luck or try to figure "fresh" chaos. The Guangzhou Daily reporter He Xuehua case: the 8 hours of fear through grassroots AIDS prevention organizations know Guangzhou University City College Boys Aaron (a pseudonym), he told reporters that his last year experienced life most 8 hours of fear. Aaron is a "gay", through a gay dating software met another gay, or his brother, two more talk the more happy, then agreed to open the room, sex. Afterwards, Aaron just ask no brothers "HIV positive", in fact, was with ridicule, but unexpectedly, unexpectedly brother immediately responded "!" Aaron bluntly, he really was bombed Mongolia – not a stranger, how can he knowingly pit young but positive?! Aaron always pay attention to AIDS prevention knowledge, immediately inform the friends, they have high-risk sexual behavior, and immediately taking protection. Experts tell Aaron, if not immediately intervene, even once unprotected high-risk sexual behavior, are likely to be infected with hiv. "Male" a greater chance of HIV infection from the last century, the beginning of 80s, experts have been engaged in AIDS prevention and control of AIDS from looking at the spread of drug abuse accounted for the bulk, up to now the sexual transmission accounted for more than 90%, while the MSM spread is higher than a year a year, almost is the intravenous injection, maternal blood the spread of "share" accounted for more than. "Men are the most risk of HIV transmission." The expert quoted his American teacher as saying that the anatomy of the rectum and vagina found, and vaginal muscles are different, the rectum is a one-way street, accident (infection) of course, the probability of large. Be careful not to "move" luck "in recent years, with the survey found that many" gay "on AIDS knowledge rate high, ‘action’ reasons lead to inadequate protective chances." Guangzhou Eighth People’s hospital infection department director, chief physician, Guangzhou and even the province’s senior clinical AIDS expert Cai Wei Ping said. Let Cai director is sad, a lot of men with the patient frankly, to understand the risk of male sexual behavior of the transfer of AIDS, but always kept a fluke, thinking, even if the risk of 99%, I may also be another 1%". In fact, many patients are really a protective male behavior and the trick. Survey found that the three major.相关的主题文章:

Crack down on fake news Google news to join the fact investigation label bleep

The fight against fake news: Google news to join the "facts" label Sina Technology – Beijing morning news on October 14th, Google joined the "facts" label in the Google news service in this week. Google news aggregated the news content of a number of news sources, the previous group label includes "comment", "local source" and "popular reference" and so on. In the future, the reader will see the "fact finding" tag. Google said that the recent investigation of the fact that the site is on the rise, which is one of the reasons for the new label Google news. Using predefined source tags, content creators can add their own "fact investigation" tags. Schema’s ClaimReview will be used to edit and manage the factual background news. Schema tags for structured data on the internet. The group received Google’s sponsorship, but also by Microsoft, YAHOO and Yandex support. In addition to the user support page, Google said that if the news is not properly labeled as factual investigation, then the company has the right to intervene. (Zhang Fan)相关的主题文章: