Asian Wedding

Relationships Theme? What is a theme? And why have a wedding theme? Every wedding has its own theme. Some weddings are so standard that the theme disappears altogether as the day turns into a basic and regular event. As an example, if you are attending an Indian wedding, you will find Indian food, Indian bridal outfit and Indian music, whereas if you attend a Chinese wedding, you will find Chinese surroundings. Likewise, if you choose an Arab wedding, you will have an Arab surrounding. However, if you are attending an Indian wedding, and at the entrance you find Chinese welcome counters, and waiters in Chinese dress, food in Chinese style, and Chinese decor, then perhaps this is a Chinese theme at an Indian wedding. But why have a theme? Many Asians have not been to a Chinese wedding, and they may not have anticipated the change this will bring to their day. The majority will enjoy the change, as they have seen and been in a basic, standard Indian wedding. This will give the feeling that they are in a Chinese wedding, which encourages the guest to stay longer, and means that the memory may last for a long time. The theme could be anything such as a Bollywood Indian film theme, Rajasthani, Punjabi, English, Arabic, Chinese, Morrocan, African. This does not stop there. You can have a pineapple theme, a Maharaja theme, a Royal theme, a mango or mixed fruit theme, a garden theme, animal theme, child friendly theme, snow theme, winter theme. The list can go on and on. Some themes are not possible on a large scale in the UK, due to weather and space, or the fact that the venue can only be hired for a day or a certain number of hours. If you only have three hours for decorating the venue, and an hour for taking down the decor at the end, then this would severely limit the scale of what you could do. But still, within limitations great things can happen. I believe a theme is a good idea at weddings. It gives a new look and gives guests something new to enjoy. Having a theme at your wedding may not cost a fortune. If you plan your wedding well, and have time in hand, and work in partnership, and participate in the theme, then it could cost a little less than you think. You just need a vision and good planning. The cheapest and most popular theme is an Arabic theme. It requires very little thought and it Muslim friendly. If you are looking for a wedding theme, then look just a little further, and you will find the perfect one for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: