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Business Due to recent events in Haiti and the California coast, more and more people are aware of the devastation a high magnitude earthquake can cause. Disasterrecoverystore.. has items for your home, automobile, and business to prepare for such a devastating event. Earthquakes can happen anywhere in the world and no state is exempt from a possible earthquake. There are fault lines everywhere. In the last few weeks, beside Haiti, Illinios, California and Oklahoma felt earthquakes higher then a 3.0 magnitude earthquake. The days of feeling safe if you didnt live in California, Alaska or another state that is known for earthquakes are long gone. It can happen anywhere. Disasterrecoverystore.. is here to make sure that you are well prepared for when the unthinkable happens… It is important that you have several items on hand incase of an earthquake or any other disaster. Many government and safety agencies agree that there several items you should do prior to an earthquake. Strapping down water heater to wall studs, to prevent it from falling over. Bolting heavy and tall items that can fall during an earthquake (bookcases, china cabinets) Latches on cabinets, to avoid them opening and contents falling out or on people. Besides securing heavy items in your house, every house should have certain essential items in some instances; you may not be able to leave where you were at the time of the earthquake. Disasterrecoverystore.. re.mends that you have the following items, for that time. First Aid Kit (also include essential medication) Food and Water for all members of the household, including pets.(Ideally you should have a minimum of 3 days of food; this will include about 3 gallons worth of water per person / animal per day). Extra set of clothing for all members of the household Battery powered radio and flashlight with extra batteries. Instructions on how to turn off the water, gas and electricity should you be instructed to do so Any special items for members of the household (infants, elderly, disabled) Camping supplies in case your home is uninhabitable (camp stove, tent, sleeping bags etc) In this article we talked about what to have incase of that earthquake but what do you need to know when that earthquake strikes. The important things to remember is: DROP, COVER AND HOLD ON! The best thing to remember is to get under something sturdy, a desk, a table or a door jam (if you know it is a sturdy doorway). Do not stand near any heavy objects, a window, wires or anything that that if falls could injure you. If you are outside and can go inside do so, if you are inside do not go outside until the shaking has stopped. If you are in a vehicle, pull over away from any large trees, walls, bridges and utility lines. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: