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Apple to buy Mai Karen at least five reasons! Sohu, science and technology wise things (public No.: zhidxcom) the | desert shadow yesterday evening, the British Financial Times reported "FT Times" the shocking automobile science and technology circle, "Apple intends to acquire or car brand Mai Karen" explosion of this information is that if the news is true, it means that apple has plans to build to enter into a substantive stage. The financial times of information from the three sources said, said negotiations started several months ago, in the past 2 years, Apple has been in the development of self driving cars, it is almost an open secret, it is now considered the overall acquisition of Michael Karen, or to make strategic investments. Why Apple may choose to buy a Karen, for many reasons in the previous indicates that, in addition to apple on strong demand for automobile manufacturing technology, the day has its reason to austria. From the analysis of Forbes overseas media and the status quo of apple, at least this several aspects: first, Apple needs technology cars and patent apple made high-end mass consumer electronic products, Karen is the top car manufacturing step, why are they going together? To make a complete car is quite complex, some new companies have tried to enter the automotive industry, but they have proved to us: the failure of the majority, less successful. If you work with the internal combustion engine manufacturers, Apple will become easier to develop the car. Unfortunately, for apple, the successful experience of the past 15 years may become an obstacle. Most medium-sized, large auto companies do not want to be apple rolling. Earlier this year, it was reported that Apple has been negotiating with BMW, which is trying to borrow BMW’s carbon fiber chassis technology, BMW I3 and I8 is using this technology. Carbon fiber high hardness, light weight, especially for electric vehicles. The final negotiation is not successful, the reason is unknown. If Apple is looking for automotive carbon fiber technology, then Karen is no longer suitable for. In 1981, it was Karen, who introduced the carbon fiber into the racing car, when it introduced the MP4 1, which has now become the standard of the advanced car race. In addition, the first carbon fiber cars on road and Mackay round, it has launched 1994 F1, now all on the road to Karen car all use this material. In addition to carbon fiber, Karen also has a strong automotive electronics technology. Department of Applied Technology Mai Karen provides software and electronic control unit, sensor, display, digital recorder, which is used in many car, Mai Karen also provides a full set of standard electronic kits for Formula One racing E. The two step, the Karen brand and apple can see many examples of appetite from apple, and hope that their products are in high-end positioning of the mass consumer goods, both the Apple Watch and iPhone are at the same time, apple is usually displayed in the corresponding area of the top of the manufacturer’s brand image in a field. For example, in the process of building Apple Watch, recruited from Burber.相关的主题文章: