Apple released iPhone 77 plus version of the line from the sale of 5388 yuan (video)

Apple released iPhone 77 Plus line version of the sale of Tencent from $5388 (Su Yang) to the annual Apple product line update season. Beijing time on September 8th morning, apple held a new conference, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus official debut in September 9th to open an appointment, September 16th officially on sale, the price of 5388 yuan, the first batch of China market still includes, in addition, the second generation Apple Watch also unveiled a $369 (about 2457 yuan). The new iPhone contains 10 update to Apple’s iPhone 7 upgrade to tell you what according to the official news, the iPhone 10 update includes color version, the fuselage design, waterproof and dustproof, screen, camera and processor, including color, camera, headset, battery life and processor is highlighted. One of the more important include the introduction of the black version, instead of the previously rumored deep blue version, in addition, iPhone Plus 7 is introduced for the first time two cameras, one of which is a wide-angle lens, telephoto lens. If the headset interface rumors said, cancel the 3.5 mm interface, will be replaced by Lightning interface headset, but then with the transfer line, do not accept the design of the user can consider choose new AirPods wireless headset. Life, according to the introduction, in the actual test, iPhone 7 compared to the previous 6S extended by 2 hours, and 7 iPhone Plus than 6S Plus increased 1 hours. But the conference site did not disclose the specific size of the capacity. The upgrade to A10 after Fusion treatment than A9 processor performance is nearly 40%, compared to the first generation chip is improved by 120 times, the other two is the core of the high performance core, can save 15, different App can control different processors. The second half of September 9th. The state line version of 5388 yuan conference, the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus price also immediately announced, are $649 and $769. Compared to the previous 6S and 6S Plus, iPhone 7 price is the same as 6S, 7 Plus is more expensive than 6S Plus $20. The capacity of such a rumor, capacity doubled 32GB, 128GB and 256GB three versions. The new machine will open the appointment in September 9th September 16th officially on sale, Chinese in the first column. On line version of the price, iPhone 7 32GB, 128GB and 256GB prices were $5388, $6188 and $6988. IPhone 7 Plus 32GB, 128GB and 256GB prices were 6388 yuan, 7188 yuan and 7988 yuan, and this is also the first iPhone price close to 8000 yuan, in contrast, a high version of 11 inch Macbook Air price only.相关的主题文章: