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Motivation There is something truly inspiring in reading the biography of Andrew Carnegie, a man whose titanic business ac.plishments are marked by spectacular escapes from failed attempts at success, bankruptcies and failed businesses and bad investments. Carnegie took each failed or broken dream and learned what he had to learn, dusted off the debris of failure, and got back into action to .plete his vision. And what a towering vision he had! Who wouldnt want to learn the success secrets of such a man? Carnegies vision resulted in him emerging as one of the most successful and widely renowned entrepreneurs of all time. He owned the largest steel .pany (some say the largest .pany of ANY kind) in the world, mentored many of his employees to millionaires who followed his footsteps, and left behind a legacy today that has libraries, schools, colleges, foundations, buildings, parks, streets and more bearing his name to the testament of how much good a man can do with almost immeasurable wealth if he chooses to use it to do good. Nothing stranger ever came out of the Horatio Alger style story tradition than the story of this poor Scotch boy who came to America with nothing and step by step, through many trials and triumphs, became the great steel master, built up a colossal industry, amassed an enormous fortune, and then deliberately and systematically gave away the whole of it for the enlightenment and betterment of mankind. I absolutely loved reading his autobiography, and think you will too. Not only did Carnegie achieve great things himself, but he established a gospel of wealth that can be neither ignored nor forgotten, and one that succeeding millionaires have followed as a precedent from men like Charles Schwab and Napoleon Hill to many of the business mavens of today. This Gospel of Wealth is available for any of us to learn from, and apply the instructions from Carnegies life in pursuit of his vision, by means of his wonderful autobiography. In fact, because I believe so much in Andrew Carnegies business lessons in his autobiography book, Ive had it created into a downloadable ebook available for you to grab at no cost. Simply visit any of my websites and contact us requesting it, and myself or someone on my staff will be happy to reply with a free gift of this amazingly powerful book as a downloadable resource you can immediately begin learning from. Among the important principles you will learn when you read this success classic: — Why being an avid reader can contribute as much to your success as any other use of your time. — How to negotiate from a position of power every time — Enjoying the benefits of other peoples resources and how to do so using strategic partnerships that are win-win — How a great mentor can empower you to strive for levels of success you never dreamed possible. — Establishing the mentor-mentee relationship to duplicate yourself and your efforts in business This is truly a great read, and a worthy addition to the success library of anyone looking to ac.plish great things in life and business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: