Ancient Mars may be a wet world there are many traces of inverted riverbed nvidia geforce gt 740m

Ancient Mars may be a wet world: there are many traces of ancient Mars may be inverted riverbed moist world (Sina pictures) Xinhua news agency, London, August 28 Xinhua (reporter Zhang Jiawei) an international team in the new issue of the U.S. "Geology" Journal reported that their analysis of HD image Mars after shooting found a region on Mars has many traces of ancient riverbed. This suggests that the Martian climate may have been warm and humid billions of years ago. The team, led by researchers at the University College London, has made an in-depth analysis of the high definition images of the surface of Mars, which is sent by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance orbiter. Researchers in the northern part of Mars, called the "continent of the continent," the plains, observed more than 17 thousand km long inverted river. Inverted River refers to some rivers dried up, as the bank is being eroded in the natural environment, river sand deposition will gradually become a raised structure, as if the channel is inverted as. In some parts of the planet and some of the arid regions of the earth, an inverted channel can be found. The discovery of the inverted River on Mars is considered to be the remains of ancient rivers, which is about 30 meters high, the width of between 1000 to 2000 meters. One of the authors of the report, University College London scholar Joel Davies said, after the assessment results of early Mars climate models show "Arabia," once there is precipitation, but the theory of long-term lack of relevant evidence, which makes some people think that Mars is a planet has been frozen, but we found that one of the regions in a memory the majority of the river system remains now, this is a warm and humid climate of Mars a supporting evidence". The team believes that between 3 billion 900 million and 3 billion 700 million years ago, there was a river flowing in the "Continental" plains, but then dried up, leaving only traces of the inverted river. If there was life on Mars, the researchers said, there may be remains in the inverted river. Next, they will continue to use the HD image from the Mars probe to study the details to see if there are any more.相关的主题文章: