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An invitation to a Nubian magnifying glass hidden mystery – Sohu [news] digital mobile phone China we know that the Nubian conference will be held on September 1st, off to a good start to September, now to the conference invitation. Last time, Nubia Z11 conference invitation is a telescope looking up at the sky. This time, the invitation is actually a need to bow to use a magnifying glass, it is necessary to play out what tricks? The Nubian conference invitation is mainly composed of a black envelope (inside black card) and elegant white bag, inside the envelope marked the core information of this conference, the bag is a magnifying glass. We understand that the Nubian conference will be on September 1, 2016 19:00 held in Shenzhen, the theme of "black legend". In general, manufacturers are with the new invitation has a certain relevance, the Nubian "black gold" magnifying glass envelope and what does it mean? In fact, the Nubian’s model has always been featured one of the pictures, not means that the new will not only bring a new "black gold" color, but also in the macro camera has a new breakthrough? We are not sure, but according to recent posters appeared in the "Nubian family" elements, our guess is still valid. In addition, there are more revelations pointed out clearly that the release of the new Nubia Z11 black edition. Nubia Z11 then based on the new configuration that is absolutely not weak, after all, is the industry’s top Xiaolong 820 processor. At the same time, the new nature will also follow the really no border design, with a new color, color value is also worth looking forward to. So, the biggest suspense is the price, you guess how much?相关的主题文章: