Alleged bribery 10 officials were investigated in Inner Mongolia – China Network winfast

Inner Mongolia 10 officials suspected of bribery investigation – Beijing new network in Hohhot in November 14, (Zhang Linhu) 14, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region people’s Procuratorate announced on suspicion of bribery, Xingan Meng procuratorate decided to Wulanchabu city 9 bureau level officials, 1 (deputy) Zheng Keji personnel investigation according to law. It is reported that Inner Mongolia Xingan Meng procuratorate branch of the law on the people of Wulanchabu Limin Commission Director (level), deputy director of the Wulanchabu Municipal Finance Bureau Zhang Wenbin, deputy director of the Wulanchabu Municipal Transportation Bureau Yan Zhanwen, Wulanchabu city transportation management office director Guo Jianting, Wu Lancha city border highway maintenance team captain Tian Xi, deputy secretary of Wulanchabu City, Siziwangqi county and Tumu M Bbu (special Moore), deputy director of the Wulanchabu Municipal People’s Congress of Siziwangqi, Liu Hengshan and Liangcheng County of Wulanchabu City, vice chairman of Wulanchabu CPPCC Siziwangqi committee secretary Yu Yousheng, Hasim Jin (deputy director), Wulanchabu City, Siziwangqi urban Construction Bureau, former director of Wang Shuming (family) on suspicion of bribery crime investigation. Currently, the case investigation is ongoing. (end)相关的主题文章: