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After shooting, when can we know whether pregnant? Sohu for the baby to mother of men and women of childbearing age, most concerned about is what time can detect pregnancy after intercourse. From her to pregnancy although only a few days, but the sperm and egg has experienced a very complex process. After the shooting, when can we know whether pregnant? In the preparation period, the time of implantation of fertilized eggs is the time of pregnancy, so it is not necessary for parents to understand. Fertilized eggs can be implanted in a few days under normal circumstances, the egg fertilized about 6-8 days after the beginning of the implantation, until the completion of the first 11-12 days. Usually, the posterior wall of the uterus is slightly more than that of the anterior wall. The process of combining the fertilized eggs in the direction of the fallopian tube in the direction of the uterus is carried out slowly, the female body will not have any feeling. Fertilized eggs are mainly driven by the fallopian tube peristalsis and cilia, and then gradually move toward the uterine cavity. Usually, after fertilization in third days, you can split a solid cell clusters consisting of 16 cells, called the morula, early blastocyst or. On the fourth day after fertilization, the early blastocyst enters the uterine cavity and continues to divide into a late blastula. On the first day after fertilization, the late blastocyst is the process of invasion of the uterine cavity after the disappearance of the zona pellucida, which is called 6-7. The implantation of fertilized eggs needs three stages: localization, adhesion and penetration. A few days before the implantation of the fertilized egg? Through the introduction above is not difficult to find, to speed up the implantation of the fertilized egg, you must first make sperm fertilizes the egg, so, how to do? How many sperm fertilization requires in normal men of reproductive age in a row 300 million the left and right, of which more than 70% belong to the normal sperm. The normal sperm morphology, viability and normal normal chromosome. Such sperm through their own efforts with the help of external forces, to reach the fallopian tube, and ultimately there is a sperm to complete the task of combining with the egg. So there are a lot of obstacles on the way to the integration of sperm and eggs, if the number of sperm is not large, it is difficult to achieve the goal of pregnancy. Because of the hundreds of millions of sperm ultimate break through the barrier, only more than and 200 can enter the fallopian tube. Not only requires prospective parents before pregnancy not speed, eugenics is very important oh.相关的主题文章: