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Health Touting significant improvements from its predecessors, the Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE packs plenty of innovative features in one home gym set up. From the maximum 210-pound Power Rod resistance of the PR1000, the Xtreme ups the poundage to 410. As well, you can now perform over 70 exercises on it. Other features offer more versatility and flexibility during workouts. Even small living spaces can ac.modate this .pact home gym. Bowflex goes as far as calling the Xtreme 2 SE its most popular home gym to date. Product Feature Reliable no-change cable pulley system. Perhaps the best and most constant offering of any Bowflex home gym, aside from the durable Power Rods, is the no-change cable pulley system. It allows users to hook up as little or as many Power Rod units as desired without pausing in between sets to adjust. Upgradeable Power Rod resistance poundage. As previously mentioned, the Xtreme upgrades the default 210 pounds of Power Rod resistance to 410 pounds. This ensures a wider range of heavier workout routines for those looking to build muscles and seriously tone their bodies. More than 70 exercises can be performed on it. The PR1000 only offered around thirty exercises. This time around, the Xtreme ups the ante with 70 workouts including bicep curls, shoulder raises, squats, and more, via an instruction booklet and a DVD with each purchase. Pros You can strengthen your core muscles on it. This Bowflex edition features a shoulder harness which is excellent for abdominal crunches. As well, core muscle exercises like obliques, trunk rotations, and laterals can be performed with it. .plete gym versatility at a fraction of the cost. All the popular gym equipment you have to pay monthly memberships to use can be had in one go with the Xtreme. With the seventy-plus exercises you can perform on it, it is practically a .plete set up for every fitness need. Cons Vertically challenged users may find some exercises challenging on the Xtreme. With its predecessors, the issue was more on taller people not being able to perform leg exercises satisfactorily. This time around, some customer-written reviews at Amazon point out that smaller people could find it difficult to do certain workouts like overhead presses. Does not include a rowing machine. The other Bowflex home gyms provide a rowing machine-like attachment for aerobic exercises. The Xtreme does not. Customer Reviews Currently enjoying 4.5 stars out of a five-star average rating system at Amazon, customers are mostly all praises about the Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE. Its manufacturers are correct in describing it as their best-selling home gym system, given the satisfied feedback from its buyers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: