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Computers-and-Technology The competition is increasing continuously in the corporate world. Each company wants to manage and improve their performance. In todays cut-throat competition with so many high profile companies emerging as top service providers in their respective streams followed by fierce competition from their peers, everything boils down to proper enterprise resource and customer relationship management. Customer relationship management and enterprise resource management are two sides of the same coin but need to be handled distinctly. Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) is the best step towards improving performance and efficiency of an enterprise. About Enterprise Portfolio Management In an enterprise there may be many projects running simultaneously and parallel teams would be working on each of them. To keep a track of all projects and their progress it becomes mandatory for any enterprise to have a foolproof centralized project portfolio management system at place. To manage all project related work and resources which included financial, economic and human resource across the enterprise, an integrated and top-down approach is followed to manage the workflow. This practice is referred to as Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM). Traditionally, a manual approach of portfolio management has been followed which combines manual processes like filing and documentation, desktop project management tools and other high end PPM applications for each project portfolio environment. Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) is a strategically planned operational, management and execution system exclusively designed for handling the functionalities of an enterprise. There core advantages of this platform is that it helps in collaborating and coding enterprise operational plan, efficiently allocating and managing financial and human resources and driving enterprise specific strategic priorities through tactical project execution process. With an efficient enterprise portfolio management in place, the management can synchronize top-down planning with bottom-up execution to make better investment decisions to cut costs, mitigate risks and effectively drive revenue towards achieving the enterprise goals. Why Enterprise Portfolio Management? Now the question that automatically arises is that why is there a need for enterprise portfolio management when a company has expert employees. The major concern for any enterprise is managing human resources and effective use of finance at disposal for managing these resources as well as investing on growth of the enterprise. Many companies spend large part of their budget, time and resources on maintaining their investment. Nobody can foresee the consequence of their decision but the Enterprise portfolio management decisions are based on the realization of the impact. It supports and accelerates progress by a tried and tested model based deployment strategy. An effective Enterprise portfolio management system helps in optimizing business operations and streamline functioning by striking a balance between human resource and enterprise finance. It also helps in optimizing business performance by integrating organizational goals, operational planning and process execution across the enterprise. An enterprise portfolio management also encompasses: Project and product portfolio management for maximizing market impact of products and services offered by the enterprise Customer relationship management that analyses the feedback loop from customers and helps in improving services and products Market survey and analytics for accelerating and grooming informed business decisions About Author G X Consult Ltd offers Management Consultancy in the space of project, program and portfolio Management. GXCs top management consultants deliver transformation solutions to large-scale, complex and often international initiatives. GXC has wide spectrum of experience and expertise ranging from management of initiatives in supply chain, outsourcing, near-shoring, sourcing, software development, business consulting, technology refresh, supply chain management, intelligent sourcing, manpower requirements to business process outsourcing (BPO), solutions and services within the industry. For more details visit – ..gxconsult../ 相关的主题文章: