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Arts-and-Entertainment If there is one genre that prides itself on being danceable in bars and nightclubs, its Hip Hop and RnB. From fast songs that you can get pumped up to, to slow songs that can have you rocking side to side with that hottie you met, this music has it all. Yes, people can argue that they dont like hip hop and RnB, but one thing they cant argue on is this: its a surefire way to get a dance floor pumping. Now, this genre doesnt exactly stay as timeless as other genres: songs can go out of style fairly quickly, which is why this group of songs is largely from the last few years. However, there are those songs that you can hear over and over again at least for a year or two, and still want to dance to themthats what defines a true timeless song in the genre. Hip Hop/RnB Music 1.Flo Rida Low Something about Flo Ridas 2008 debut single makes you want to move and move, and keep on moving. The beat of the song, the speed, and the chorus make it a perfect .bination for a song that will never get old. Girls can dance to it while feeling like they are at the centre of attention, and guys can get the benefits of watching girls dance, or dancing with them. 2. Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys Empire State of Mind Basically the 2009 anthem of everyone that lives in New York, wants to live in New York, or doesnt want to but probably does after hearing this song. Once, I was looking for someone for an hour but this song came on and I stopped my search for 3 minutes to dance. This song is pure escape: it makes everyone in the club feel as though they live in the best city in the world for just a few minutes. 3. LMFAO feat. Lil Jon Shots I have to be honest: I dont hear this song enough in clubs . Possibly another club anthem, or at least a drinking anthem. Lets be honest: half the fun of going out to bars and nightclubs is taking shots. LMFAO were great to make a song that pretty much forces everyone to drinkNot like there needed to be a reason, but its a great excuse for more shots, shots, shots. 4. David Guetta and Akon Sexy Chick This song possibly has the worst lyrical contradiction I have heard in my lifetime. However, once you get past that, this is an awesome song to dance to. It lies somewhere between hip hop and techno, but has no issues being totally amazing when it .es to danceability. 5. Beyonce Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it) In order to balance out my list of mainly male artists, I had to include the Queen of Hip HopBeyonce. This song is great for two reasons: one, Beyonce is a dancer, therefore her songs are made to be danced to. Two, single girls actually raise their hands in the air. It makes it a lot easier for girls to get someone, and for guys to see whos trying to get some. 6. Keri Hilson feat. Kanye West and Ne-Yo Knock You Down Of course, for every 5 million fast songs, there has to be a slow one that is still able to be danced to. This song has a great, slow beat that can be remixed or enjoyed as it is. Plus, guys can rap along with Kanye or sing with Ne-Yo, while girls can sing with Keri, making it the easiest song to help ease into conversation or dance. Stay tuned for more songs! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: