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Advertising The new USPS Direct Mail Program is called EDDM or in other words Every Door Direct Mail. This is a very successful marketing system used mostly by small and medium business. Though the new USPS Direct Mail Program these companies can very easily promote their business, services and products. There are several benefits of the new USPS Direct Mail Program. The first and the most important thing is that this marketing system doesnt rely on mailing lists. So, if there are no mailing lists for sure you have been wondering how your word can reach new potential clients. The truth is that thanks to the new USPS Direct Mail Program you can easily target your audience by zip code or carrier route. This means that you can concentrate your marketing to the neighborhood area near your business and this is why EDDM is the best marketing strategy for small businesses. Some of the businesses that can profit from this new USPS Direct Mail Program are carpet cleaners, window cleaners, dry cleaners, doctors, lawyers, dentists, restaurants, car washers, etc. Thanks to the new USPS Direct Mail Program and the fact that you dont need a mailing list for this marketing strategy, you will not have to worry about the deterioration of the data. You can stretch your budget and do more advertisements for the same money as when you needed to buy and to use mailing lists. The new USPS Direct Mail Program has a lot of rules and requirements that need to be met so that the entire program can function properly. On the first place is the size of the mailing pieces. Flyers that are sent through EDDM are big, and they measure about 8.5 x 11 inches. When we compare the EDDM flyer with a regular postcard that measures only 4 x 6 inches we come to a conclusion that for less money you can get a bigger advertising space where you can include selling message and offers. EDDM printing flyers are also much bigger than any other mail that you will receive in the mailbox, so this helps a lot as well. Another requirement that has to be met for the new USPS Direct Mail Program, except the size that cannot overcome 12 by 15 inches, is the number of mail pieces that you are allowed to send per day. The minimum number of mail pieces that can be sent per day is 200, and the maximum number is 5000. Of course, you can opt to send more than 5000 pieces but like this you will need d a mailing permit and annual fee of $190. However, the service of the post office for delivering your mail pieces to the doorsteps of your potential clients is 14.2 cents per mail piece. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: