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Business Being a small business owner in today’s economic climate is something to be extremely proud of. It’s an incredibly challenging feat to be a business owner as it is, but adding a recession to the mix can really make things interesting. If you’re finding yourself in need of supplies and equipment for your budding office, but don’t have the capital necessary to go on an office supply shopping spree, there are actually plenty of overlooked alternatives you can consider. Here are a few cost effective solutions to help you in the quest for a successful, and fully set up small office: 1) Office electronic equipment is incredibly important for an office to function at its highest level. The proper equipment is key to productivity, and productivity is the key to success. That means the .puters, high speed scanners, printers, color copiers, office shredders, etc. are all a must. Unfortunately, a copy machine alone can set you back thousands of dollars. So instead of buying this costly equipment outright, you should find an office equipment supplier who specializes in leasing equipment. This could be a much more practical and affordable alternative for a new, small business that doesn’t have much capital to invest in office electronic equipment. 2) Office furniture is another crucial aspect to a fully functional set-up. You’ll be needed desks or cubicles, and plenty of office chairs. Fortunately, there are leasing options for these costly items as well. If you’re not interested in leasing, there are also many stores online that sell used or refurbished office furniture. Often times, you can get high-quality, like-new items for a fraction of the cost of a new item, and you don’t have to worry about a lease to get caught up in. 3) In addition to office electronics, you’ll be needing other supplies. Paper products like post-its, copier/printer paper, cardstock for .pany letterheads, pens, notepads, staples, paperclips, etc. Instead of going to the office supply store or ordering through a vendor, you should look for wholesale office product shops online. Many of these online wholesale office supply stores can afford to offer these .monly sought after products for much cheaper prices than others because they don’t have a storefront to maintain. Arguably, the best part about shopping for wholesale office supplies through an online retailer, is that you can do it in a matter of minutes, and the products get delivered right to your door. 4) There are also things you may want to consider purchasing like breakroom supplies, and office janitorial supplies. If you’re going to have a breakroom, a refrigerator and microwave are essential. You can easily find either of these appliances, used on classified sites like Craigslist. As far as office janitorial supplies go, you can order those wholesale online, or simply make runs to the dollar store when you notice you’re running low on one particular item. All in all, you should be quite proud of yourself as a small business owner, and if you find a cost-efficient office equipment supplier, and a way to get other office essentials cheaply, you’ve already showcased your skills as a money-savvy entrepreneur. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: