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Web-Design Cloud .puting has be.e one of the more confusing terms in technology even though a majority of people probably uses it on a daily basis. The following article will serve to clear up the confusion around cloud .puting, as well as provide an in depth look at how ePaperFlip is taking advantage of this cutting edge technology. What is the Cloud? Simply put, cloud .puting refers to the use of the internet to store, access, and run databases and applications. Before cloud .puting, .panies would have to maintain large server "warehouses" that took up precious space and valuable resources. The technology of old created IT headaches and the need for substantial capital investments for upkeep. Cloud .puting has eliminated the need to house large servers on site, and minimized all associated costs as well. The rise of cloud solutions allows .panies to maintain an efficient level of information technology, with simple options to update any necessary .ponent. Instead of housing servers on site, .panies can now use virtual servers that are accessible over the internet. Gone are the days of pouring money into training employees, updating technology, purchasing new licenses and software, plus a whole lot more? How Will This Effect Digital Publishing? Digital publishing"s sharp rise in popularity has presented businesses with some difficult challenges. When publishing digital catalogs, an organization must find a hosting solution for the digital document. An organization that publishes digital catalogs has one of two options for hosting the document. It can host documents on its local servers, or it could secure a reliable clout solution. If it has the infrastructure in place, it might choose to host the publication on its own servers. The problem is, this requires the attention of valuable resources that might be better allocated someplace else. A cloud solution frees up .pany resources while exceeding the security and reliability of in house servers. EPaperFlip offers a cloud solution for its client"s publications. The benefits are large. By taking advantage of ePaperFlip"s cloud solution, a publishing organization will free itself of strenuous fixed hosting costs. With flexible pricing options, you will never pay for bandwidth you don"t need. And if you need more, one"s bandwidth can be quickly and easily increased. Working with an established cloud solutions provider, such as ePaperFlip, will also provide lightning-fast load times. This will create a seamless reading experience. They are also best for digital magazine, Digital magazine is an online magazine, can be created without the necessity for external designers or Flash programmers. Digital magazine downloads quickly, making the content available as soon as a link is opened. The reader doesn"t have to wait for the .plete magazine (as happens with PDFs). Your customer can start reading instantly after clicking on the link to your publication "" the left over pages are downloaded in the background. Epaperflip are enabling businesses of all sizes to make and distribute digital catalogs, which can be profitably used to advertise your goods and services online. Readers will be able to flip through your publication, taking in all it has to offer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: