Shangluo is a brother hit two relatives turned brother-in-law head with a wine bottle (video)-霍金hawking

Shangluo is a brother hit two relatives turned brother-in-law head in November 8th with a bottle, the city police station promptly and properly handled together because of family conflicts caused by assault case. As early as November 8th, Yongnian County, Hebei City, Handan 50 year old man Liu Moubao with his two sons to the city police station said his wife wounded brother head, request processing. After receiving the report, police found the timely investigation, Liu yesterday morning for the dead mother wake, tired, want to sleep, cause the wife brother strong dissatisfaction, two people with words and tearing, the ancient town of Zhou Ling Cun after canal group of 52 year old brother Luo Moufeng with wife in Mei Fuliu and a bottle head hit, causing Liu injured in hospital. In the case of the facts of the case, the city police station on the 11 day as early as 8, Liu’s mother was buried, Huitong village group cadres, through the law, etc. in the Luo moufeng family stayed home, both parties had to do ideological work, Luo Moufeng know deep violations of their beatings, compensation for medical expenses the brother-in-law of Liu Moubao. Look at the relatives to bury the hatchet, together to discuss matters of mourning, the police heart is considered hanging down. Note: the video for the extended reading relatives for the trash smashing shop. Meter upgrade to splashed red paint

商洛两家亲戚为守灵反目 二哥用酒瓶砸妹夫头11月8日,古城派出所及时妥善处理一起因家庭矛盾引发的殴打他人案件。11月8日早,河北邯郸市永年县50岁的男子刘某保带着自己的两个儿子到古城派出所报案称自己被妻二哥打伤头面部,要求处理。接报后,派出所及时调查查明,该刘昨日凌晨为逝去岳母守灵时,困顿不堪,欲睡觉休息,引起妻二哥强烈不满,二人言语不和并撕扯,古城镇周岭村后渠组52岁的妻二哥罗某锋用酒瓶在妹夫刘某保的头部砸下,致刘受伤住院。在查明案情的情况下,古城派出所在11日8日早刘的岳母下葬后,会同村组干部,在罗某锋家通过讲法律、拉亲情等方式,做通了当事人双方的思想工作,罗某锋对自己动手打人的违法行为认识深刻,对妹夫刘某保的医药费用进行赔偿。看着亲戚间能够冰释前嫌,一起商量守孝事宜时,民警悬着的心才算放了下来。注:视频仅供扩展阅读 亲戚为争店铺反目 倒垃圾砸电表升级至泼红漆相关的主题文章: