480 thousand women buy Benz after mentioning the car not to drive home on failure-naughty怎么读

Women’s 480 thousand Mercedes Benz car has not opened home after the failure, "3, 15" is coming, China Merchants newspaper launched a prize collecting clues activities, while also reported involving people’s lives in many industries of typical cases of rights protection. Consumers are worried about buying cars – years ago is the peak period of buying cars, Ms. Zhu also bought a beloved Mercedes Benz car. Who wants to lift the car hasn’t been home yet, and the engine trouble light is on…… Owner: the car in the morning, and back to the 4S shop in the afternoon, in February 5th, Ms. Zhu in the high-tech zone Xi’an Li Xing Benz 4S shop to spend 486 thousand yuan to buy a Mercedes Benz GLC300. The next day after the car was brought home, and not home, suddenly found a yellow light on the dashboard. Ms. Zhu called the sales consultant quickly, and the other party suggested her to come back and check. 2 p.m., she drove back to the 4S shop, "did not find out the problem, said it may be oil problems, it is recommended to replace gasoline."." Subsequently, Ms. Zhu repeatedly changed gasoline, but the engine light is yellow. After the first day of work in February 14th, Ms. Chu came to the store again. "They said they had collected the data and sent them to the manufacturer to analyze the trouble, so I drove home.". The second day, 4S shop customer service call Daoteng for several hours, the engine fault light is still bright." Ms. Zhu was afraid to use the car because of the unknown failure. "After a few days, I received a sale call, said the cause of the fault found, need to change the transmission control computer, need to open the gearbox. Just mention the car will be removed and the gearbox fault reasons and did not clearly inform, how can I sleepwalk to repair?" 4S shop: can be replaced by transmission control computer repair in February 28th, China Merchants Daily reporter in the 21st century, a district of Ms. Zhu’s home this new car, after the launch of the vehicle, the engine fault light has been lit. It is learnt that in February 22nd, Xi’an Li Xing Automobile Co., Ltd. has issued a written reply to Ms. Zhu, but Ms. Zhu believes that the answer does not answer the reasons for the failure, and some ambiguous content. For example "matters vehicle instrument failure lights", Ms Zhu said, there are a lot of instrument fault lights, did not say the engine fault light; in this reply, said: "to determine the cause of instrument fault alarm lamp, but does not cause further clear out the directly given maintenance is" can be replaced by the transmission control computer to be repaired". In February 28th, Ms. Zhu and her family told reporters, "we just want to know why the engine lights are in trouble, and there is no product quality problem.". But the more than 20 day, repeated communication many times, they have been avoided to inform us of the specific causes of failure." At 2 p.m. on February 28th, the Chinese newspaper reporter came to Xi’an star Benz 4S store with Ms. Zhu, a receptionist at the front desk of the store. She welcomed Ms. Zhu and said she would prepare the latest material for Ms. Zhu immediately. Wait forty minutes, the person in charge once again, said the material has not yet completed. Confirming the final answer to the reporter is still the material of February 22nd, and the reporter asked if the failure theory could be clearly defined

女子48万买奔驰 提车后还没开到家就出现故障   “3・15”即将到来,华商报开展有奖征集线索活动,同时陆续报道了涉及市民生活多个行业的维权典型案例。   消费者买车遇烦心事――年前是买车高峰期,朱女士也买了心爱的奔驰车。谁想提车后还没开到家,发动机故障灯就亮了……   车主:   上午提了车下午又开回4S店   2月5日,朱女士在高新区西安利之星奔驰4S店花48.6万元购买了一辆奔驰GLC300。次日提车后开回家,还没到家,突然发现仪表盘上一个黄灯亮了。   朱女士赶快给销售顾问打电话,对方建议她开回来检测一下。下午2时,她把车开回4S店,“没有查出来问题,说可能是油品问题,建议更换汽油。”随后,朱女士多次更换汽油,但是发动机灯还是黄色。年后上班第一天,2月14日,朱女士又来到店里,“他们说采集数据发给厂家,分析故障,我就把车开回家了。第二天,4S店售后上门来捣腾了几个小时,发动机故障灯仍然亮着。”因为担心车辆有未知故障,朱女士不敢使用。“过了几天,我接到售后电话,说故障原因找到了,需要更换变速箱控制电脑,需要打开变速箱。刚提的新车就要拆变速箱,而且故障原因并没有明确告知,我怎么能稀里糊涂地去维修?”   4S店:   可通过更换变速箱控制电脑修复   2月28日,华商报记者在世纪大道某小区见到了朱女士家的这辆新车,发动车辆后,发动机故障灯一直亮着。据悉,2月22日,西安利之星汽车有限公司曾给朱女士出具了一份书面答复,但朱女士认为,这份答复并没有解答故障原因,而且有些内容含糊其辞。   例如事宜为“车辆行驶中仪表故障灯点亮”,朱女士称,仪表故障灯有很多,没有明确说是发动机故障灯;在这份答复中,说“确定了导致仪表故障灯报警的原因”,但通篇没有进一步明确具体的故障原因,就直接给出维修方案是“可以通过更换变速箱控制电脑予以修复”。   2月28日,朱女士及家人告诉记者,“我们只想知道行驶中发动机故障灯点亮是什么原因导致的,有没有产品质量的问题。但是二十多天了,反复沟通了很多次,他们一直回避告知我们具体故障原因。”   2月28日下午2时许,华商报记者随朱女士来到西安利之星奔驰4S店,一位售后前台负责人接待了朱女士,并表示马上为朱女士准备最新材料回复。等待四十分钟后,该负责人再次出现,说材料还没有完成。向记者确认最终答复仍然是2月22日那份材料,记者询问是否能明确故障原因,该负责人称,可能导致发动机故障灯亮的原因有很多,暂时无法回复更具体的原因。   业内:   未达到退换车条件 但消费者有知情权   朱女士提出,能否向4S店提出更换车辆?一位汽车销售公司资深人士称,根据《家用汽车产品修理、更换、退货责任规定》,该车辆尚未达到退换车条件。消费者可申请换车的条件如下:在家用汽车产品三包有效期内,发动机变速器累计更换2次后,或者发动机、变速器的同一主要零件因质量问题,累计更换2次后,仍不能正常使用的,发动机、变速器与其主要零件更换次数不重复计算;在家用汽车产品三包有效期内,因产品质量问题修理时间累积超过35日的,或者因同一产品质量问题累积修理超过5次的。   陕西当代人律师事务所赵彦松律师表示,根据《消费者权益保护法》,消费者可要求4S店提供相应的检测报告(有数据、参数,原因分析,维修方案)。如果还是对检测报告有异议,可以找第三方机构进行检测。 华商报记者 雷婧 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: